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Chapter 12 ************** I walked in the kitchen, showered and dressed.  There was a list of what I needed to do and one of them was grocery shopping. Master N had made an appointment with a taxi driver to pick me up here and drop me off at the store and then drop me off at the house again. He said that if I tried to run away he will come and find me. I heared a beep from outside. I rushed to the front door, put my shoes on and grabbed the wallet that Master N gave me the night before.  I ran out of the house feeling the nice sunny day. It was starting to become summer. I like summer for the long days but the weather is a killer when it is hot outside. Stepping in the taxi and shutting the door, I told the driver to take me to the nearest grocery store. I looked out the window and smiled that I was able to get some fresh air. When pulling up to the store, I told the driver that I'll be awhile so he had to wait. walking inside, I grab a shopping cart and start my way through the produce section. "That poor girl, I can't believe she would sale herself to those demons." "Do you see the bite marks on her neck." "I bet she's a slut." "She's going to hell when she dies." "I bet her parents are disgusted by her. I know I would be if my daughter was like that." "Look at her bite marks. Do you think their vampire bite marks" "Omg if they are then she is so cool" "Look at that tattoo on her wrist, it looks so cool. I want one." "What a whore she is" "Its a shame she can't keep her legs close" "If she becomes pregnant, I hope she aborts that child" I could hear people talk about me. To be honest, I was really hurt by what they were saying about me but I put on a best act to show them that what they were saying didn't bother me. When I turned the corner, I bumped into another person. "I'm so sorry---" "*******" the person said. I looked up to see my bother's ex-girlfriend. I panicked and bolted down the aisle. "Wait *******" she called out as she chased after me. I couldn't face her, not after what I heard about what she did to my brother. "****** please let me explain. It wasn't what you think, okay.  Just please?" She begged me as I was trapped by a dead end aisle. I shook my head. Was I ready to hear what she had to say. My gut and heart was telling me to listen but my brain was telling not too. I pushed past her but she grabbed a hold of my wrist. "******* please" she plead but I shook my head. I tugged on my arm and her grip became loose. Instead of saying anything,  I just walked off. I paid for the food, I went outside and got in the taxi and went home. I paid the driver before I brought the groceries inside. I put them away as fast as I could. I could feel so many emotions that I knew all six of them could feel. I went to the back yard and into the maze where I memorized the way to the middle. In the middle was a garden full of different flowers. There was a little pond. Birds were tweeting in the birdbaths. I sat down next to the pond, brought my knees to my chest and rested my chin on my knees. When hours ticked by as I sat there thinking about how my life could be if I had my family with me. I heard some rustling noise. I looked over my shoulder and saw Master N standing there in the moonlight. He was in a fishnet shirt with leather pants, with a red choker. "Something must of happen to have your emotions so overwhelming." He said sitting down next to me. I played with my hands in my lap. I sighed and looked up at him. "I ran into my brother's ex girlfriend at the grocery store." I told him. He reached out and pulled me to his lap as he ran his hand through my hair. "Would you like to tell me aout it? If not I'll respect your choice." I looked at him. His eyes held more than what they led on. They were full of compassion and gentleness. I stared into his eyes as I thought. 'Did I want to tell about my life story.' 'Would he tell me that everything was going to be okay.' 'Would he love me if I did tell him my life story.' All these thoughts came running through my head as I looked into his eyes. I didn't realized I had tears running down my face until he whipped them away. "Shh it's going to be okay" he pulled me to his chest. He made shushing noise while stroking my hair. I cried into his shoulder and held his shirt into a tight grip as the sobs came. When I could finally stop crying, we were swaying side to side. My face was barried in the nook of his neck. I felt him turn his head and kiss my forehead. "You may come out now." He said. I lifted up my head with a confusion look on my face but when I saw Master Hyuk coming out from the shadows, I then understood what Master N was talking about. "I'm sorry to interrupt your romance but we will be having visitors in thirty minutes. I don't know if you want to show her off as your mate or slave." He said. Master N looked at me and then nod to Master Hyuk. We both stood up. Master N took my hand and led me to his room where he went into his walk in closet and came out with a clear bag that held a white dress with black lace long sleeves and black lace on the bottom. He help me took off my clothes and into the dress it flared out on the bottom with a tail. It was off the shoulders. Master N went inside his closet again and brought out plain black high heels. I put them on as he fixed my hair. He drapped my hair over my right shoulder and put a bling hair clip on the left of my head to make sure my hair stays on the right. I did a few touch ups on my make up and was ready for our company. "One, you are being shown as my mate. You must act like as a lady. Don't do anything inappropriate or you will be punished. Got it?" He asked me as I nod. He kissed my forehead and smiled. "Good. You look beautiful" he took my hand and went down stairs where our company just walked in. When I saw who it was my eyes widened.
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