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For this first official week of the Winkonic Squad's Wednesdays with Bobby let's get to know this adorable rapper a little better.
NAME: Kim Ji Won STAGE NAME: Bobby POSITION: Rapper BIRTHDAY: December 21, 1995 BIRTH PLACE: Seoul, South Korea BLOOD TYPE: O HEIGHT: 180cm (5'10") SUN SIGN: Sagittarius CHINESE ZODIAC: Pig SIBLINGS: 1 older brother IDEAL GIRL: "Strong girl who seems careless of me. Like Wonder Woman. I like a girl who likes to wear red clothes and always does her best."
Bobby is known for his sweet and caring personality and amazing eye smile. He grew up in Fairfax, Virginia and moved to Korea alone as a trainee with YG. He is close with his family and worked hard to achieve his dream of buying a home for them and bringing them to Korea. Bobby's love for his Winnie the Pooh plushie that he's had since he was young is also well known... and adorable!
Seriously. I think my heart just melted completely...
And a little more Bobby spam because I can.
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ahhhhh!!! he is so cute :,) aww! I wanna know more about him <3
haha Bobby is awesome
Please tag me for future cards? Thank you 💕
@Vay754 absolutely 😊
Ahhhhhh he's so adorable with his smile!!!!! And the whole Winnie the Pooh thing!! So cewt!!!!