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Summer Trend: Cut Off Shorts!

I think these shorts are staples in every year! They never get old.. XD They can be worn with anything! Chucks.. Flats, slip ons, heels.. Now.. if only I had legs as great as these stars!: Asley Benson Alessandra Ambrosio Marisa Miller Rihanna Nicky Hilton Lana del Ray Amanda Seyfried Ciara
@YinofYang don't worry, it's Rihanna's thing, not yours big sis, lol and yeah, her shorts are a little scary for me!
@roselee89 that body of hers can definitely make anything look good! @blairwitme oh yeah.. very cute! @YinofYang that's my favorite too!.. XD so classy! and uh yeah.. very
I must not be very stylish or with the all the trends, because I really didn't care for Rihanna's look at all. I do love the cut off shorts paired with button down shirt or blouse and flats. Cute!
@shoenami @roselee89 Amanda is my favorite here, just a plain shirt and flats! very relaxed summery outfit!
Oh wow. Alessandra Abrosio looks flawless.
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