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Hello, Christina here and I have a question for all the anime otaku's .
Do you prefer

English Dub or Sub?

For me, I like both. Sometimes more than the other, but it depends on how well I get into the series
I'll be doing 4 examples of anime shows i've watch and which one i prefer

Tokyo Ghoul.

I watched Tokyo Ghoul English Sub sometime last year then the Dub after it. Yet I only did half way through of the English Sub and I continued it on in the English Dub.
Just something about the English sub just didn't grasp my attention like it did for English Dub. I'm sure most of you will agree with what i'm trying to say..
But i will say my favorite voice actors that are in Tokyo Ghoul is
Brina Palencia as Touka Kirshima
Monica Rial as Rize Kamishiro
And these two wonderful voice actors!
Todd Haberkorn as Ayato Kirishima
J Michael Tatum as Shu Tsukiyama
Next on my list is:

Love Live! School Idol Project

I love, love, love Love Live! and I do play the mobile game. I started watching the show as well and I was half way through the first season when I saw on KissAnime list that there was a dub for it as well. So I go to check it out but I didn't make it half way of the first episode because I didn't like how the voices were picked for the characters and felt they could've done better. So for this one I prefer the Sub over Dub
next on the list is:


I watched both season in Sub and Dub and honestly this is one of those animes you should watch in both languages. Both voice actings were perfect, and the voices matched along with the personality of the character. But Personally I think Yukine's english voice actor could've been different but it was still good in the end.
But the award for best voice in the show for the English Dub goes to
Jason Liebrecht as Yato
His fits PERFECTLY with Yato's Personality
But in both versions I love Yato's personality because I haven't seen an anime character that is just like him.
Last on my list is!

Fairy Tail

Like Noragami I prefer both Sub and Dub for Fairy Tail. I feel for the English dub voice actors somewhat matches the Sub actors and that's rare I see that in the Dub.
My favorite in both versions are
Gajeel, Levi, Juvia, Gray, Mira, Erza and Wendy
But my personal Favorite is non other than than
Lucy, Happy and Natsu
But I'm happy that Tia Ballard played as Happy because its hard to find someone else who could fit that part of Happy. I feel if anyone else played as Happy, it wouldn't be the same.
So here is your question

Do you prefer Sub or Dub?

Subs all the way. The Japanese voice actors portray the characters personality alot better in my opinion. Watching dubs make me cringe. However if I start an anime with dubs then I'll finish it that way.
dub... less reading
Sub. American voice actors don't really grasp the feel of the character. Except in some.
subbed. when they translated the entire episode for the dubbed. they subtlely change the wording, which also changes the meaning of the series.
i like both....👍
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