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Halle Berry wed Olivier Martinez in Vallery, France on Saturday.. This is her third marriage and his first.. Vallery is the Burgundy region, about 70 miles south of Olivier's native Paris.
@blairwitme @oj1992 I kind get the disliking part coz some paparazzis could be really annoying.. but some celebs go out of their way to express their hatred!
@shoenami @oj1992 that's the thing about these people, or maybe people in general, maybe we're not in the position to comment since we don't really know what's going on, but yes, they should've known better, it's part of their life a celebs
@oj1992 exactly! they worked so hard to get where they are.. they really wanted to be noticed.. and when they finally did get noticed they complain! what's that about?? XD
so she married oliver martinez, the guy in Unfaithful ... one of my favorite movies ... love the steamy scenes of him and diane lane ... oops sidetracked ... dont understand celebs ... they want to be in news and yet they dont want to be in the news ... so hard to please.
@blairwitme move to France to get away from the Paps? man! Doesn't she know what happened to Princess Diana over there?
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