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Sooooo today I ended up going to this one store I never knew existed! My friend sent me Snapchats and I went bonkers when I saw that it was KPOP stuff!

Just so everyone knows....I went crazy LOL


They we're the first one's I went to get LOL I had to get the bae's ;D


They all looked so handsome, I just had to get them all....*coughs JIKOOK*
Of course I had to get Shinee! They are bae too! ;D
I also got a GOT7 Key Lanyard, a GOT7 pencil case (which I'm gonna use as change bag Lol), A little GOT7 notepad, and since I couldn't choose on one face mask, I bought both LOL
I got my sister a Monsta X poster too hehehe
I got my little sister an EXO poster
And I also got my little sister an Ikon poster as well Hehehe
So yeaaaa that's all I got....for now....hehehehe I am definitely planning on going back to get more stuff cause OMG that place made my life. I ended up driving 40 minutes to get there but I didn't care LOL At the end of the day, I ended up spending $65 for all of that! Lemme tell y'all something though...


I am super happy right now :D

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@TaehyungV lol i sure will haha 😄😋 @otakukpoper thank you so much!😄😘
i really want a face mask
@TaehyungV ahaha i won't😂💕
@TaehyungV I CANT SEND THEM CAUSE I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH! 😭😭😭😭 Its a store in Clovis called 'The Color District' @JordanShuler The name of the store is called 'The Color District' Their is a small section towards the back full of KPOP stuff. I'm planning on going back to get the BTS albums. Thats how I was at first too but then my friend and her bf found it. @JustinaNguyen Ikr! I am super happy about the stuff I got LOL and eeeesh I've never gotten anything from online since I heard it t
Wow! Nice haul! I need to find a kpop store where I live since having to wait for shipments to come in from Korea is awful. There's a koreatown where I live so maybe the next time I go there I'll look around for a store
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