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Summary: I'm young, with a full life ahead of me... And seven famed idols as roommates. And a baby. Welcome to the first installment of my first BTS fanfiction! To keep it brief, keep this in mind: Genre: Comedy, Friendship, (possible romance?) Rating: 16+ (some language and adult themes) Other than that, please do so enjoy!
~Chapter One~ "Now if you could please sign here to fortify your final consent for the procedure," The wrinkled old woman in white indicated with a pen before sliding the packet across the desk. I smiled, scribbling my first initial and full last name as neatly as I could muster before capping the pen and meeting the woman's eyes eagerly. I was excited. I was doing something good. The doctor gathered the papers and bound them, filing them into a cabinet where I knew was a place of no return. She then looked my way. "Okay Miss Mei, we'll look forward to having you back on the 16th. Thank you so much for doing this. You're helping wonderful people in ways not many are willing to do." My grin widened, and I nodded, grabbing my bag and excusing myself from the office. Now you may be wondering, hey, Reina Mei, given your state of current housing and lifestyle, where in your right mind did you ever believe you could successfully undergo artificial insemination and mother a developing child for eight months? Actually, I would’ve thrown myself off the nearest bridge if the idea was pitched to me any sooner. Long story short, a good friend of mine, who was originally my first neighbor after moving to Seoul, discovered she was infertile. She had recently married, and was devastated beyond belief, breaking the news to me on my own couch when the boys were gone. I consoled her best I could, patting her back as any good ol’ pal did to their sobbing lady friend as she cried into her favorite brand of milk tea. “If only I could find... someone to carry my baby...” She said between hics. At first I only nodded knowingly, muttering a ‘I understand’, even though I clearly did not. She continued with, “If only someone I know, some woman I know, who is single and healthy, and probably a brunette because I like brunettes... If only there is someone like that...” Through her sniffles, I caught her drift. Ahhhh. Quickly, I debated the option in my head, possibly more quickly than anything else productive I’ve done in my life. My palm ceased on her back when I came to a decision. I sighed. That’s when I gave in. I don’t know how I was able to make such a bold and life-demanding choice in those few moments. But after seeing how salty the taro milk tea was becoming, I knew my offering would stop those tears. I didn’t expect to be so excited, though. Never in my life have I ever wanted kids. Never. Of course, bearing the child doesn’t mean it’s mine, but still... a lot can happen in eight months. I hoped I would have the same mindset about children after those eight months as I did my whole life. As I left the specialists’ building, I realized the boys wouldn’t be back until after the procedure. ‘I’ll wait to tell them’, I thought, adjusting my bag on my shoulder. I’m near positive they’d want a thorough explanation, something that must be done face-to-face... well, face-to-seven horrified faces. I laughed at the thought. No worries, I had it all planned out. I did a small fist pump to myself before scurrying over to my scooter, hopping on for the ride home. May 23rd~ The sound of the dorm door opening down the hall stole my attention from my fruit smoothie. They’re earlier than expected. I threw the health magazine I was drowning myself in to the other side of the lofty room, zipping my jacket to my collarbone before sliding off my bed. Feet padding quietly out of the room, I made it passed the hall, where all the commotion was invading the quiet afternoon air. It was obvious seven young men were intruding, what with their boisterous cackling and constant ploys. But I couldn’t help the smile donning my cheeks. I missed them. My legs were still a bit stiff after exercising, and the yoga the doctor suggested didn’t much help. In the aftermath of the procedure, which went a lot better than initially expected, she had me come back after a few days to gauge the results. And right before the mass of unintelligible jeers of joy between my friend Hyun Soo and I, I was declared pregnant. Twenty-two, stay at home comic artist, roommate of seven popular pop artists... and now, pregnant. I made it to the living room before they could, biting my lip in anticipation. Dude, I have no idea why I was so excited to tell them. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to scare them or surprise them with the unbearably unbearable news. Haha, that’d be grand. I can already tell who of them will mimic Edvard Munch’s The Scream. I sat on the couch, impatiently wringing my fingers and crossing my sweat pants-ed legs. I heard them bustling down the hall— hell, the entire city could probably hear them bustling down the hall—and the first to round the corner was the youngest of the bunch, who broke out in a dangerously wide grin after noticing me. “Rei!” I didn’t dare hop up to greet them, as I knew they would, momentarily, dogpile me. And they did. One by one, the majority of the group was either embracing me or the couch, giving me the tightest hugs I’ve experienced in the two months they were touring. I could only laugh, and attempt to curl my arms around the broad shoulders of the childish young men. After some time, I shooed them away, finally standing to acknowledge the other three who were smiling pleasantly from afar. When they were calmed down, the horse being the exception as he didn’t understand calm, I demanded they sit together on the massive couch. They obeyed without question, and I could see a sparkle in the leader’s eyes. That intuitive, philosophical bastard knew I had something to say. Ohohoho, but, dear leader, it is not as you expect. “Jungkook, Namjoon, Yoongi, Tae, Jin, Jimin, Hobi...” I smiled after announcing their every name, the horse excitedly clapping like a child after his. I giggled. “I have news for you.”
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