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my Monsta X album came
OMG this photobook is meant to kill people. why you got to torture your fans.
I'm gonna need Wonho to go sit somewhere.
got me feeling some type of way
see there is still 10 more pics left but the card can only hold 50. almost didn't make it through the book. it was to much of everything. who else got their monsta X album?
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I'm sorry to ask this question but what site did you buy the album from?? D:
a year ago·Reply
@BackwardsRain eBay seller kpopmarket01
a year ago·Reply
@KaiJae Thank You!!
a year ago·Reply
What photo card did you get I got my bias Hyungwoo
a year ago·Reply
@briannasj17 a group photo card
a year ago·Reply