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The Main Reason Why I Stop Watching Vampires In Anime

Do you really have to moan like that? I seen too many of these and half of the time I'm trying to find out if I'm watching an anime or the beginning of a porno
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You don't know how erotic it is until someone bites you like that ;)
hmm vampire mind power I guess, like make them think they want it
Not to mention that the human neck is one of the most erogonous zones on the human body ESPECIALLY on women who already have more nerve endings in that part of their body that tun toward their breast and spine. Thats a good reason in most shows the woman moans instead of screaming. Combine that with what @JosephCannon and @Gibbous1992 said and it explains the reason why
@Priscillasdoor I've seen Twilight and it's not one of my favorite movies. It's kinda my fault for watching too much of a good thing in vampire anime to the point I'm tired of it and I regret it. I just need a break from it until the tiredness goes away
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