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JIMIN Why would you think we don't look good, we look cute all the time but I never really tell him because it's hard to know if he shares the same feelings. He always has this serious face around me and it looks like he doesn't like me or hates being around me. Other times he would be very nice and cuddly to me and I sherish it because it comes once in a blue moon. I wonder, what goes throught his mind when he's around me. And if its because he actually hates me then... I'll be hurt. JUNGKOOK Has he realized it yet? that I like him? I can't explain the feeling because it's difficult, I never felt this way about him because I actually hate him, I hate him so much but the hate comes from unexplained places that are unexcistant. I don't think he realizes it though because he looks mildly upset for some reason and my seriousness around him cannot be contained I am simply like this because I don't like even though I do like him. You see? it's complicated: First, I don't know why I like him. Second, I don't know why I hate him. And third, it's breaking my heart..... TAEHYUN It astonishes me how much he speaks about Jungkook, but, it annoys me. I don't like Jimin talking about Jungkook like he's the only person on Earth that can make him happy. Jimin is a sweet guy but I don't like him speaking to Kookie for some reason and the feelings are mutual. He doesn't like me talking to Kookie and I don't like him doing the same thing also. Am I really jealous or is it just a phase? it's complicated and the more they talk to me... the more it hurts.
@UnnieCakesAli oh shot I didn't check XD
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uh oh love triangle???
@twistedPuppy yes you are lol