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She was a brunette, but dyed her hair blonde to kick-start her failing career (and was very successful, of course) Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane. The picture on the right led to her divorce from Joe DiMaggio, the legendary baseball player, because he couldn't stand the thousands of men oggling at her body. The most popular dress size of actresses today is a size 2. Monroe was a size 12 (and proudly showed her physique off!)
@minjaeturtles yes... it can actually happen ;___; *cries forever*
@beeonka what the skirt blowing up thing? wow I've never seen it happen in real life
lol i actually had this happen to me yesterday while an old guy was looking >___> so embarrassing!!
blonde suits her way betterrrrrr lol
@oj1992 lol yeah. Where I live size 12 is pretty big, not obese but chubby :O maybe it's different elsewhere. I think some guys are the really jealous type while others don't mind flaunting their pretty girlfriends. xp that's my experience at least, what do you think?
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