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The Seme Uke Game: Pair #4
The classic ship. If you thought Sasuke would seme Naruto all the way... we were like you. Until we considered how Sasuke is such a mopey asshole (no pun intended) and how Naruto is such a strong character to fit being a seme. So we shifted our answers. What do you think? :)
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both because shadow clones
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@jealousshota best answer! hahaha
a year ago·Reply
@T0R1L I know right
a year ago·Reply
Sasuke cuz sexy jutsui
a year ago·Reply
Sasuke. I feel like Narutos a dom but not a top. He'd wear the pants in the relationship especially with Sasukes past with Konoha, but in terms of sexual relationship he'd be the uke that likes to top (aka ride) his partner. He'd also probably initiate most of the actual contact while Sasuke would just flirt and subtly tease him
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