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BaeBum💖 Wednesdays

aaah.. So handsome.. he is so easy lo look at....well they all

I am so happy to see him back well gradually back to the group, he still not doing much effort..which is good we need him to recover completely. .

But is good that he is with the group, his presence is much needed..

I am sure the boys feel better when he is there with them doing his job as a leader..


I really wanted to put this three together.. I have posted them before seperatly. .ugh!.. JaeBum!!❤❤

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@luna1171 yea same here like I have to find any cards and there would be new MARKSON cards that I haven't seen
a year ago·Reply
@MaricelvaRomero but I tag you guys.. I don't know why..and you also follow my collection I don't know why you not getting notifications. is weird..
a year ago·Reply
Yea I know like one time I went to check your card and there were some recent cards of MARKSON I haven't seen yet @luna1171
a year ago·Reply
@MaricelvaRomero @PrettieeEmm sometimes I don't have the phone that has my taglist but when I'd get home I usually do it sometime I might forget.. sorry.. you should be getting the collection notification anyway cause that is like automatically when I publish it on my collection. but sorry guys.. sometimes I publish from a different phone..
a year ago·Reply
It's okay @luna1171
a year ago·Reply