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Shadow Possession/Strangle/Sewing Jutsus - Naruto

I love Shikamaru, and this is his clan's specialty! As long as his shadow will reach (and he has his ways, clever boy!), Shikamaru can capture his opponents in his Shadow Possession, Shadow Strangle, and Shadow Sewing techniques. When caught in his Shadow Possession Jutsu (sometimes called Shadow Imitation Technique, depending on translation), his victims have no control over their actions and are forced to mirror Shikamaru's. He can use Shadow Strangle and Shadow Sewing to otherwise incapacitate his enemies. These jutsu are relatively slow, but this strategic genius can use these techniques to defeat the toughest of foes!

Honorable Mentions

Honestly, when pondering this prompt, surprisingly few attacks came to mind.

Frenching **Assasination Classroom Spoilers**

Yeah, that! The students of Class E at Kunugigaoka Academy, particularly Nagisa, spend their time learning assassination moves in addition to their regular courswork. Of the many techniques Nagisa has a knack for, this one might be my favorite! I know it's weird and far fetched, as an attack, but I do what I want!

Unison Raids - Fairy Tail

Okay, so this is more of a category of attacks. A Unison Raid is a technique in which two mages, usually with similar abilities, combine their magical powers to form a stronger attack. It is a rather advanced technique, but we have seen it a number of times in Fairy Tail, and I always think it's super cool to see - teamwork at its best!
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"but I do what I want!" lol that gave me a good laugh! My favorite unison raid was the 3 dragon slayers against Faust!
@UzumakiJess he used to be mine too, but now I'm not so sure. He's still very much a contender, but he's got some competition...
Me too. He's my favorite Naruto character! @OtakuDemon10
@UzumakiJess I love him so much!
Yaasss! Shikamaru! 😍
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