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Hey guys its ReeCee. As you all know, 1llionaire will be making their way over to the states this July for their "No Rest" Tour, and I will be going to the Dallas show.
I was able to get a Diamond Package and along with other amazing perks this ticket includes, there is a meet and greet.
We are allowed to bring them gifts! If you remember back last year when Ailee was to have a concert in Dallas, before it got cancelled, I was planning to give her a gift box with messages from fans. Well I am bringing that idea back! If you are interested in contributing on this gift idea, keep reading.
I know that a lot of you guys won't be able attend a concert near you and I would still like for you to be apart of the tour somehow and this is the simplest way possible.
Starting today until the beginning of July I will be taking any messages/gifts that you have for Dok2 & The Quiett. If you would like to mail something to be included in the gift box/bag then message me for the address (small gifts please: handmade, etc).
You can also mail handwritten messages so it can have that personal touch. If not, you can comment on this post or email ( your message and we will take that message and create a custom gift card for you and put it in the gift box.
You guys have plenty of time to think of cool ideas, so try not to rush ^.^ The concert isn't until July 28th. If you plan to mail something please be sure to do as soon as possible because I will be moving to Dallas in mid July and won't be able to receive what you send.
If you mail any cards, gifts, etc I will check to make sure that everything is "presentable" in appropriate lol (be good guys).
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me :)
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@KpopJunkiesTV YOU'RE A SAINT, REECEE πŸ™ This is such a sweet gesture. I'll definitely hafta make something for the gift box since I won't be able to attend.