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So some of you may have heard that a couple nights ago Kangin was involved in a DUI accident hitting a light pole (this being Kangin's 2nd DUI incident). Because of this many fans have been making posts and commenting on his and even Leeteuk's instagram photos, some supportive some angry. It has even escalated to the point of fans trending to kick him out of Super Junior on twitter. Heechul also deleted his instagram account after this happened but the exact reason why we don't really know but some people are suspecting because of malicious comments regarding what happened. I'm a die hard ELF but I have to admit that what he did was wrong and I'm pretty disappointed in him. At the same time though because of personal reasons, I can somewhat sympathize with him. Was he partying too much? Was he depressed over something? We don't really know right now but I really hope that he seeks help to try and really makes sure this doesn't happen again.
I think that we should still try to comfort him on his social media and show that we still care about him and support him through this touch time.
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I hope this one changes him
I hate that he did this....again! but I understand going through tough times makes ppl do stupid things. I still support him but maybe he needs some time off. NOT BE KICKED OUT but like just some time for him to collect himself
I've tried to comfort him but it's not working
But then Super Junior won't be the same without him...
I live in a very bad DUI area and know many people that have a hard time kicking this. I know someone serving time for his fifth DUI. He's an awesome guy but can't stop drinking. I hope this isn't as serious for Kangin. Best wishes, thoughts, love, and prayers are sent his way.