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This morning I decided to wear a pair of jeans I haven't worn in a long time. I wasn't feeling skinny jeans today and I wanted to throw on the boot-cut. Everything fit until I arrived to work. As I sat down on my chair I feel the pressure of the jean on my stomach.It was probably the bread I ate on my way commuting to work. It's kicking in.
Lesson of the day: Never slip on a pair of fitted jeans on an empty stomach.

I'm super sad my favorite pair of boot-cut no longer fits me! I guess I have to get a new pair. :(

well it gives you a reason to shop. I'm having that problem in all my jeans at the moment
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@Scheherashared You're right. I'm just being a little girl right now because half of my favorite jeans are no longer fitting. I had them since college! :(
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nice @cindystran, it is hard to let go when you have the right jeans
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NONE of my jeans fit any more. Most are too big and the rest are too small cause I'm bloated all the time 😑
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