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안녕하세요!! Hello Loverlys! KPopBeat here with a little something special... My top played songs.... at this moment anyway.. That list changes regularly. Instead of doing a Daily MV I thought it would be fun to keep with the rest of KPopINT and do my own playlist. Now it was supposed to be the top ten... but as usual I am pushing the limits and have put together 15.... well more like 20 but who is counting... songs I think you should know about and that I listen to all the time.
Now let me tell you breaking it down from my lists of thousands of Kpop songs to only this many deserves a prize in its own... because how can you choose just ten songs?!?! You can't... well at least I can't...
ANYWAYS... back to the topic at hand. I am going to give you the list of the song I listen to the most starting with.... *drum roll*
15..... Miss A 'I Don't Need a Man'... .Now me and my daughter love to dance around the house singing this song. Catchy a fun beat with slow enough lyrics for her to catch on to. This is definitely a must have on any playlist.
14.... Boys Republic 'Get Down'... Now this song is another one my daughter and I love to dance around to. Personally I love Boys Republic and was pleasantly surprised when they came back recently with a darker theme and a harder hitting song. I enjoy this song and do play it very often. This is one underrated group I wish got a lot more recognition.
13.... B.I.G 'Aphrodite'.... If you recall I actually did a card on this song right after it came out a short while back. This song is still on my main playlist as it deserves. This song was done amazingly and of course who doesn't love the drum, rap, dance break down in the middle.
12..... CL 'The Baddest Female'.... If you didn't see this one coming then you are far out of the game. CL the queen of rap and my inspiration when writing my fanfics with a tough female lead... My daughter and I might not dance around the living room like crazy people when this song comes on... but you can be sure that we are dancing along with the video and singing/rapping with CL.
11....Kisum 'You & Me' Feat. JooYoung.. This song is catchy and lets face it... she is just adorable. I actually found this song while making a playlist for JooYoung. I love his voice and add her fun rap and you have a great little love song. Fluffy fanfic scene... you can almost be sure I am listening to his song.
10....Ailee 'Insane'... My girl crush next to Lim Kim. I love both of them... but only had room for one of them on the list so I decided on Ailee. Her voice is amazing and I actually enjoy listening to all of her music. She holds top female vocal spot on my list and for good reason... I mean... listen to the girl belt it out.
Now I am not a girl group person... usually I stay away from them... But after seeing her on an episode of Running Man where she was singing on a roller coaster I decided to look into her songs. I picked this one despite a lot of her songs being on my list because my daughter and I love this one the most. We dance and sing along (which by now I am guessing you have figured out is a regular occurrence at my house) and my daughter loves to act all dramatic with this one.
9....G.Soul 'You' Acoustic Version.... This is actually the first song I ever heard from G.Soul.. Now I have listened to the regular version but this acoustic is still my top favorite. I fell in love with his vocals the moment I heard him open his mouth. (I am a sucker for amazing vocal skills... or dance skills..... but most importantly... both.... but anyways)...
8.... JooYoung 'Call You Mine'... .Smexy, amazing singing voice... and WAIT!! ENGLISH?!?!? Yup it is an understatement to say that I fell for this boy from his first sentence. If I wasn't so fangirl over Kyungil and Mark this boy would probably hold my heart. There is something about him that is different and it draws me in.
7.....EXO 'Growl'... This song is still my favorite EXO song... I still play it over and over... and my daughter and I know the whole song and dance by heart after the years. I love this song... catchy, great dance, and I love how they shot the video in one go. This song is the one that made me fall in love with EXO.
6.....History 'Might Just Die'..... Ummm *clears throat* Now this song is on this list for many reasons... I love the beat and the song itself. The dance is fantastic.... and well.... Abs.... UB#2's abs to be specific.... Kyungil... *Sigh*...
*cough cough* Back to the topic. I love this song and I am actually happy that they seem to be getting more attention after their last comeback with Queen. I do hope to see more people give them love though.
5...... GOT7 'Just Right'.... Now I love this song so much.. The message, the smooth raps, the catchy choirs.... This song had to make it on to my list of course. Plus.... Mark... UB#1.... How could I not put one of his songs on my list?!?! This is actually one of my daughters favorite groups right after BTS.... but then again BTS has one thing GOT7 doesn't.... Jungkook... She did decide she loves Mark after watching this video.. she giggles every time he blows up his cheeks and does the side to side dance.
4.... Monsta X 'Hero' This song was my ringtone the moment I heard it... It is still my ringtone. I love this song and honestly I love Monsta X. They have a lot of talent and I look forward to what they come out with in the future. I love this song and still play it often enough for it to be near the top of this list.
3.... Crush '9 to 5'... I have been obsessed with this song since it came out... so naturally it has received a high ranking with the 3rd spot on my list.
2... NCT U 'The 7th Sense'.... Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat... yup.. since it came out I have been rocking this song like no other. I LOVE THIS SONG! For a debut song it is absolutely amazing. The beat... the raps.... the vocals.... the dance.... the visuals... there is nothing in this song/mv that leaves me unsatisfied. I have listened to this song so much I could probably start to rap it without the music lol. My daughter calls it Open Your Eyes but I even walk into the room and she has it playing on my TV.
These boys showed their talent and quickly made a spot on my must keep an eye on list of groups. Hard hitting from the start... I hope they can keep up with this tempo because I expect great things out of them.
1... MI.O.... Goosebumps.. yup that is what I get every time I listen to these three boys sing. Now yes... they are wearing Avengers masks.... and Yes they do in fact call themselves Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man, but don't let the masks fool you. Personally I love Hulk's voice and he is actually the one that made me continue to listen to this group. And before you point it out... Yes.. I did post more than one song... and yes they are a lot of covers.
These boys actually go along to change up the songs themselves. They reproduce these songs into a ballad that fits them on their own. Now they only have a few songs out that are originals, but just like their own reproductions... they write the lyrics... and compose the songs themselves.
Now as someone who is a sucker for an amazing singing voice and musical ability.. I easily fell in love with this group. Out of all of the playlists on my youtube, their playlist is the most played. I could listen to them sing to me forever, with their sweet melodies and soothing vocal abilities......
That is why these boys have made the very top of my must play list. I must admit looking passed the masks and giving them a shot was probably one of the smartest things I have done. I hope you are open to giving them a shot... also!! They respond to fans and take suggestions of what songs they should cover.. They have done such songs as EXO Call Me Baby, WINNER Empty, BigBang If You, as well as Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips.
I hope you enjoy listening to them as well.
Whelp... that is all the room I have!! *Cries* Sadly I have a million more songs I would love to share with you but I just don't have space. I already pushed the limits and made a 20 song list instead of a ten song list... I'm a rebel I know.... But I hope you did enjoy it.
How many of these songs did you know? What are your top ten songs? LET ME KNOW! I am curious as to what your lists would look like.
Until Next Time Loverlys
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it!
I knew many of these...nice playlist!