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My mom was pretty much on a diet for as long as I can remember, but then again, she was a nutritionist, so what everyone else might consider absolute food torture was just another day in her low-glucose, high-fiber, low-fat, high-protein, well-balanced, preservative-free life. Needless to say, this webcomic definitely reminds me of her. (Sorry that my Halloween candy and bake sale fundraisers always seemed to complicate your food discipline, Mom!)

Do you diet sometimes? Do you live alone or with other people - like your immediate family or college roommates? Do you find that living with others complicates your diet or makes it easier?

I find it very hard living in a house with 7 people and three of them being children. My parents and husband loves fried food and I'm trying to incorporate healthier dishes into the menu but it can be hard sometimes
I'm allergic to lab grown foods ( which is pretty much all the food now) I live with my family (my thin family) and they can pretty much eat pig fat and loose weight. I, on the other hand, is chubby and is forced to eat more healthy but to no avail. Alot of the times, I'm just like, past the burger and milkshake please, i can't do this, lol. Diets and me will never be friends.
dieting is extremely easy for me...all I do is eat a couple cheesecakes and my daily diet is complete. btw I'm on a seafood diet lol
@Ticasensei You're in a relationship, aren't you? Have you guys ever tried dieting together?
dieting is better when you are alone unless the person you are with has the same diet goals. it's hard anyway, but harder when there is random food you would not eat when in a diet but have accessible to you because kids,fam etc
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