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On the flight home, someone made the mistake of asking the random question; “Spoon or Fork?”.
Jak says Spoon, you say Fork. Well, best friends don’t have to agree on everything; however, neither Kyungil or Jiyong knew just how far the two of you would take it.
“Why a spoon? You can’t eat everything with a spoon.”
“You can’t eat everything with a fork either. Plus I get more each bite with a spoon.”
“You can too eat everything with a fork!”
“I like CEREAL okay? I can’t eat that with a fork!”
“I do. If you use very little milk, it works just fine. I’m not a big milk fan.”
“I LIKE milk, I don’t know what’s wrong with you people.”
You two hear laughter and look across the table at the two men who are just staring at you shaking their heads.
“What?!?” you say in unison.
“The two of you,” Kyungil says, “you’re crazy.”
“Us?” The two of you ask as you put your heads together, arms around each other and big smiles. “Isn’t that why you love us?”
Jiyong looks over at Jak, “That’s definitely part of it.”
She pulls a dorky smiley face at him while she chants, “You love me”, and makes Kyungil trade her seats.
“Fine, don’t sit by me,” you glare across at her.
Kyungil turns to you with a hurt look, “What am I? Chopped liver?”
You lick your lips and pat him on the chest, “I don’t like liver. You’re more like prime rib.”
At the airport plans are made to meet up later that night at the club. The two of you spend a lazy afternoon and evening puttering around. You take care of chores while he sits on the couch, composing and running through schedules.
The club is hopping when you arrive. It’s a little embarrassing that the members of nuthang know about your trip and that you are now officially a couple. Hugs and congrats enclose you as they accept you as a member in their ranks. Jak grabs you the minute she lays eyes on you.
“Come dance with me! Ji’s busy and I’ve had 4 cans of caffeine!”
You look back and Gil is busy with friends so you wave and wander off with Jak. The two of you are having a blast by yourselves. Silly dance moves, chic dance moves, KPOP imitation moves; people probably think the two of you are drunk. During a song break the two of you are laughing, bent over each other when someone approaches from behind.
“Well, if it isn’t the psycho and her slut best friend.”
Jak turns with a smirk, “Oh hey, it’s bitch central!” The two of you start to laugh again.
Lee rolls her eyes, “You’re pathetic. Is Jiyong's baby so young she can’t hold her alcohol and is already drunk? This should be easy girls.”
You look over her shoulder to see two other women behind her smirking.
You turn to Jak and force a laugh, “She thinks we’re DRUNK!”
You slap your knee, “What a stupid bitch!”
“Stop calling me that, you slut! You don’t know anything about me!”
You stand up straight, all smiles gone from your face,
“Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.”
She looks at you confused. You stare her down with raised eyebrows.
“What’s the matter; only know a chosen few words in English? Try this,” you speak slowly just to annoy her. “We.. aren’t.. drunk.. or .. scared.. of ..your.. little.. crew. Get.. lost. wants.. you.. here!”
“You don’t own the club slut,” she puffs out a breath to blow her hair out of her face, “I can’t believe he’s still shagging you. You must have work experience?”
Jak steps forward but you put your hand out to stop her.
“That’s right; leash Jiyong’s psycho doggy. We wouldn’t want to get rabies.” They start to laugh like that’s hilarious.
“I don’t have to leash Jak, she can take care of the bimbo’s behind you while I take care of you, myself. See, last time, Gil was here and right now?” You lean into her personal space and whisper, “he’s not.”
She takes a step back and looks back over at the table where Ji and Gil are laughing and drinking with their friends.
“Afraid of me?” You step into her personal space this time. You play with the collar of her dress, wiping away imaginary specks of dust.
“You should be,” you say as you reach up to stroke her face. “See, I’m not going anywhere and if you even look at my man cross eyed, I will find you and I will hurt you.”
She reaches up and grabs your hand; the hand with your new ring. As she feels it you look pointedly in her face and she turns a lighter shade of white.
A hand appears on your shoulder, displaying his matching ring. “Is there a problem here?”
She lets go of your hand, looking over at Gil’s, then turns to Ji when he speaks up.
“You’re in violation of your restraining order Lee. I suggest you leave before we call the police.”
Ohh damn! They pulled a restraining order on the bitch! Hahahaha! Bitch needs to learn when to step off! On a side note...loved the, "I don't like chopped liver, you're more like prime rib." reference! lol
yes. but i wanted a beat down again lol girl gotta learn sooner or later to back off. lmao but yay i love the couple rings .
oh gosh i kinda sound violent. but hey i know wen to be and not and still say beat down
Tsk tsk Lee, learn these new things called boundaries 😂😂
oh oh. Girl's got a fietsy mouth. lol these just keep getting better
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