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You won't believe this product!!!

Seriously. I can't get over it! I wouldn't personally want to use it, but it's like a face lift in a stick, and I'm so impressed.

Watch the product in action for yourself :D

I found another video of the same product on a younger model, and you can see it's still beneficial, but the results aren't nearly as shocking as on the older model. Crazy, though!!! The product seems to be a silicone that kind of "sticks" you skin in place after you pull some layers on it, but I haven't been able to find any English reviews, and my Korean knowledge of makeup words is too limited to really understand them.

Would you want to try this miracle lift product?!

@cindystran I'm not sure coz my mom stopped using after she found creases on her makeup. My guess is it won't give you more wrinkles nor cure any existing ones too.
I would try it
@Animaniafreak Interesting does the lift create more wrinkle since it temporary lifts the skin?
nice for temporary makeover but it's only a makeup not skin treatment.
This is not new technology, Korean makeup company just re-packaging it, it has similar effect as freeze frame and other similar product (sorry can't recall the names), think of it as heavy duty silicon glue, it creates a layers that temporarily lift your skin, also acts as a concealer that blur pores and lines. But it'll gradually lose is affect after 2 hours? it depends on individuals, my mom used it a long time ago, she noticed after the lifting layer "relaxed", it create fine creases with the makeup. Also it's temporary, so after you washed face the magic is gone.