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many of us know about Jackson being on the fencing team and not just that not a China national fencing star, but do we really know what he went thu to get where he is now? this is super encouraging and of course makes me love Jackson even more! also where would we be without him?
This clip is from Chinese variety show "go fridge" ( you can watch full episodes subbed on youtube) I've watched them all because... Jackson lol
This made me think about his struggle, we have seen through his career and that many other kpop artist experience this as Well, leaving your family, and not just that but your life set for something that is not concrete... for some of us is crazy to think because I would have stayed with the thing that was already given "scholar ship" etc
I'm a super Jackson fan, he is so amazing! ever since I got into kpop I follow him the most because of the way he lives his life, sometimes you really need to follow your dreams and be happy! go with what feels right, what makes you happy... uh I know I'm rambling and maybe people don't want to read this but this made me think a lot about my own life and where I'm at.
Jackson literally walked into my life like.... ama show you it's ok to be your crAzy silly self!

wait! but can you imagine if he was a fencing star instead????

Yes, he is smart, yes he is talented! but I'm glad China didn't keep this treasure to itself!

we would not have this!!!

!!!!!! Thank you for following your dreams!!! and making ours!

He is an all in one package! cute, sexy, adorable, funny! just everything!

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I love you Jackson! 馃槩 I love you all of GOT7!!!
As a parent, I can assure him his are very proud of all he's done. The boys of GOT7 are like sons to me. I am proud of them all.
Jacksons got me into GOT7. I watched "Roommate" and I fell in love with the way he his. Definitely, a treasure!
I love Jackson he is amazing
@merryjayne13 super amazing! just so talented and lovable
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