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What's up guys,it's John and I'll will be showing you beautiful people some of mine all time favorite songs. These are songs that I can listen to no matter what mood I'm in.
SHINee "Replay"- This song is pure and innocent perfection Taeil(Block B) "Where are You From"- One of the songs that got me into Kpop(obvious reasons) Got7 "I like You"- The beat is just fire !!
Taemin "Drip Drop"- Taemin wrecked my list with this song B.A.P "Carnival"- This song is just so fun and its so cute Girls' Generation "You Think"- So freaking catchy. They killed it!! NCT_U "Without You"- This group seriously ruined my life. Taeil killed it!!
Super Junior " Simply Beautiful"- Just raw vocals.. no rapping needed xD UNIQ "EOEO"- Just watch the won't regret.... Zion.T "O"- Zion.T is just addictive..his voice is so hypnotic Chen(Exo) "Best Luck"- Chen's voice is so beautiful and this song proves it


This song gets a block to itself because honestly when I first listented to this I was speechless throughout the whole song. Vixx "Love Letter" is one of the best Kpop songs I have ever heard on my life. The vocals are just insane and I love it.