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Well helloooo my fellow vinglers I have now finished writing the first chapter of this Fanfic ;) Hope y'all enjoy the first chapter :)



This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk!

Ravi X Reader Mature Content Foul Language

I always saw how exhausted my parents were everyday they would come home from work. I never gave too much thought into this since  I didn't work, just went to school. But all of that is about to change because I needed to look for a job now that school ended. I always asked my mom to let me go work with her but she never said anything. After so many tries, I gave up. **** I went to my favorite cafè with my laptop and sat down to search if any openings that were hiring. After so many tries, I found an opening as a Waiter. I right away applied to it so that I can have a better chance of getting in. Once I finished completing it, I felt good about it. "Hopefully I get in" I say to myself I kept scrolling down the document and noticed that it wasn't here in was in Seoul, South Korea. My face went from a smile to a shocking reaction. "Seoul?!?!, the job is is in Seoul!" I whisper yelled to myself I knew I needed a job after I was done with school but moving far away from my family was a big step to make. I knew I could always search for opening jobs here but wasn't having much luck. In the back of my mind, I wanted new air, new place and sight. I've been living here my whole life I wanted to explore more. Maybe moving to Seoul wouldn't be that bad.. I mean, I'll be able to communicate with anyone there since I studied Korean to learn the language. Not only that, I studied other languages as well such as Thai, Sign Language, Chinese, and Japanese. I love learning new things and the different languages their have always caught my attention. Plus, it will be helpful in case anyone needed translating. ***** I started to pack my things so I can head home and have a talk with my parents on me planning to move to Seoul if I got the job there. Once I was face to face with the door,  I started to get really nervous. Just thinking about what my parents would say was making me sweat. I am their only child so it may be hard for them. After so many breaths,  I went inside. "Mom! Dad! Where are you,  I need to talk with you both" I yelled out I didn't want to go room to room searching for them. Too much work. "What's going on" My mom says coming out of the kitchen with my dad following behind. This is it, here we go Y/N. Breathe and move straight to it. "Let's sit down shall we" I say to both "Y/N, honey, your scaring us. What's going on?" My mom spoke first "Soooo.... I found a job and applied to it" I say Both my parents looked at each other and my dad said "Honey that's great! Is that what this whole thing is about? Why were you so worried to tell us about i-" "Its in Seoul, South Korea dad" I say cutting him off. Both my parents looked at each other not saying anything. It was making me very nervous but I could tell they didn't like the idea. "I know you both don't like the idea but I feel like its a good thing. I need to learn to be on my own and I want to explore too" I say looking at them waiting for a response. "If you feel like that's something you need to do..." My dad gulps, looking down to the floor "then go on with your plan Y/N. Just know we are here if you need anything" He says looking back up at me I was relieved to know that I have their approval and help. For a second,  I thought I was going to get yelled at and forbidden not to go because my parents are very strict. After my father finished saying what he had to say, I got up and hugged both of them tight. Then I went to my room to shower and get ready for bed.

*Next Day*

I woke up feeling so tired and sore but had no idea why since I didn't do much yesterday. Getting up from my bed was always hard since it was so comfortable and cozy. After a few minutes just laying there,  I got up, brushed my teeth and heading to the kitchen where I could smell the deliciousness of my moms pancakes. "Morning sleepyhead, have you gotten any news from the job yet?" Mom says "I haven't checked my email but I will after breakfast" I responded back I was curious as to if I got the job or not. If I didn't, of course it would suck and would be upset about it but that won't stop me from moving there and search for other openings. My dad wasn't home since he was at work so he wasn't going to be able to have breakfast with us. "What time do you go in to work today mom?" I say while stuffing a pancake in my mouth. "At 10am, so in an hour" She says while also stuffing a pancake in her mouth I giggled. I am so like her. Finally, after the 3rd pancake,  I was full. I washed ny utensils and went back to my room to turn my laptop on and check to see if I got the job or not. I started sweating of nervousness just thinking about it. I logged onto my email and saw I did have an email from the job. It read: Dear Ms, Y/N I would like to inform you that we received your application on applying here and loved your resume and would like to hire you. We also took notice you live in California so if you have no problem in moving to Seoul, we would love to have you on board. Please respond back A.S.A.P with an answer so we can provide you with a plane ticket and information to where you will be staying. We look forward to having you here with us. Thank you, President of KEO Oh my god....I got the job! I responded back right away letting them know I was full on okay in moving to Seoul. I didn't think I would get a response til tomorrow but I received a response back in 5 minutes. It read: Dear Ms Y/N,   We are excited to know that you are on board with us! Tomorrow morning you will receive another email from us and we will attach the plane ticket as well. All you would need to do is print it. Also, attached on the email will be information as to where you'll be staying at. We have provided you with an apartment. Please be ready to be in Seoul by Tuesday! See you soon! President of KEO I was now jumping up and down excitedly. I ran downstairs almost tripping but kept running to let my mom know that I had gotten the job. "What is going on honey?" Mom says  "I got the job mom, I got the job!" I say jumping up and down I could tell she was excited yet sad so I stopped jumping. We were now just looking at each other. "Whats wrong mom?" "I-I'm sorry hun, I really am happy but I cant help thinking about you leaving" She replies She started sniffling and then started crying. I hated seeing her cry so I went to hug her. "Mom, please don't cry. I know its going to be hard but I need to do this. You know I've always wanted to explore the world. Moving to Seoul will be my first step into doing that." I reply still hugging her. She let go and looked up at me. She smiled and said "I know hun, its okay I'll be fine. I'm really happy you got the job" She says and hugs me She then got her bag and headed out to work.

*Hours went by*

My dad got home from work so I was finally able to tell him my news. All he did was smile and hug me.  At least it wasn't that hard telling him. I heard the door being opened and I realized it was my mom coming home from work. It was 10pm but I couldn't sleep. All I could think of was me getting the job and how close I was on moving over there as well. I still couldn't sleep so I decided to grab my phone and do some reading until I felt sleepy. Don't judge me, I read FanFics. It's the only thing I can actually read because I hate reading. Soon after a few more hours, I started to drift off to sleep.


I woke up the next day feeling exhausted. 'This is what I get for sleeping late last night'  I thought to myself. I did my usual routine. Getting up, showering, brushing my teeth, picking my clothes and going to the kitchen to have breakfast. Both my parents were there this time. "Good Morning Mom and Dad"  I say "Morning hun" They both said at the same time It was peaceful just sitting there eating together as a family. I really enjoyed this moment since it will be the last soon when I leave to Korea. Once I finished eating, I rushed upstairs to check my email and see if I got the email I was expecting. Indeed it was there. I started getting even more excited. I right away printed it out just like I was told to and also printed out the file where the information that I will be staying at as well. Then it hit me, today is Monday. I need to be at Seoul by Tuesday! I ran out of my room and into the living room to let my mom and dad know that I need to start packing to be in Seoul by tomorrow. Then came back to my room and started pulling out my suitcases to pack. I can't believe I'm actually doing this...I am moving to Seoul today. Away from my parents and friends that I have made here.. I sent one of my closest friends a text letting her know what was going on and right away she replied back fast. From Claire: YOU ARE LEAVING TO SEOUL TODAY AND ARE JUST TELLING ME Y/N!!!! Oops... To Claire: I'm sorry Claire, I've had my head stuck into so many things, I totally forgot to tell you. I'll make it up to you though I promise! I gotta go though, I am packing my things to leave tonight. COME OVER RIGHT NOW SO I CAN SEE YOU BEFORE I LEAVE! From Claire: I'm on my way. *******

*Door bell rings*

"I GOT IT MOM AND DAD, IT'S PROBABLY CLAIRE"  I yell out I opened the door and just as I suspected, it was her. She right away gave me a hug and started crying. Aish this girl.... I hugged her back and started to rub her back saying not to cry, that everything will be fine. That we will see each other again eventually. She stopped crying so we headed back to my room so I can finish packing. "I can't believe you really are leaving y/n. I'm gonna miss you so much"  Claire says "Don't start crying again girl, or this time you will make me cry" I say looking at her while I kept packing. ******* Finally, after hours of going back and forth, I finally got everything I needed in my suitcases. "Finally, I am done" I say throwing myself to the bed "That was long y/n, but hey you got done a bit faster thanks to my help" Claire says laughing with a  smirk on her face. We both laughed so hard while laying on the bed. I am so gonna miss her. She's my best friend and we've gotten close so of course it's going to be hard leaving her behind too. ******

*Fast forward to AirPort*

"Well, here I go" I say to both my parents and Claire She decided to tag along and see me off. I looked at all of them and I saw that my mom and Claire were already starting to cry. I knew my dad wanted to cry too but he was holding it. All I could think of was men, why can't they just show what their feeling instead of holding it in. My mom and Claire came towards me and  hugged me so tight still crying. I hugged them back telling them how everything was going to be okay. That I will be fine, they have nothing to worry about. They let go and gave me a smile.  "Please be careful Y/N, keep in touch okay?" Claire says "I will, don't worry" I reply with a smile I was now walking towards the line to get in to the plane when all of a sudden, someone caught my wrist. I turned around thinking it was my mom but it wasn't. It was my dad. He pulled me into a tight hug and whispered "Be careful my beloved daughter, I love you"  I felt his tears rolling down my cheek. It hit me bad seeing my dad crying for the first time. I ended up crying as well. After a few more minutes went by, I looked up at him and whispered something in his ear before letting go and walking to the line. It was my turn already so I gave my passport and the ticket to the lady in the booth. I turned back one more time and waved them goodbye as I got in the plane. "What did she tell you hun?" Mom asks Dad My dad turns to her, smiles and says "She said, Thank you for everything you and mom have done for me, I will always be grateful to the both of you for helping me become who I am now. I love you both so much"  And they walked back to the car to head home.
I hope everyone liked the first chapter. I know Ravi hasn't made an appearance but just wait for Chapter 2 to come out ;)

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