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Too Faced's new "Totally Cute" palette is getting a lot of criticism for it's "super childish" names. And that got me thinking: aren't there 100s of other beauty products with totally ridiculous names, that people still buy & love??

Just a few examples...

Nars - Orgasm & Super Orgasm

Popular as it may be, you can't deny the name could be a bit weird for some people.
All of these. Fappening? Seriously? These names were later changed, but EW.

MAC's Pet Me, Please

Or, you know, don't.

NYX Eye Pencil - Cottage Cheese & Horseradish (??)

Ew. Food named products just kind of....freak me out. Pretty or not, the food names just don't get it for me.

Too Faced "Miso Pretty"

Puns are RAMPANT in the beauty world, but this one just makes me cringe a little too much. There's also "Lady Balls" and "Feeling Myself" in the same collection...

Tarte's Tartelette palette

Nothing super "wrong" with these, but they kind of make me cringe a bit for the sake of women's rights...? Super Mom, Caregiver, Multi-Tasker......??? Really? The colors are stunning, though!

Too Faced - Melted....Chihuahua

I can't even say anything about this one. Just. What. Everything else makes sense to be "melted," but a Chihuahua??

This Violet Voss palette.

Slaycation, On Fleek, Hashtag, Awesome Sauce, How U Doin, Glamping, R U Kitten Me, Thanks A Latte, Ploof. Hmmm...I love a good pun too, but how far are you gonna go?

Are there any weird product names you're confused by?!

it's the same with nail polish names
I don't really pay much attention to the names. I'm more zoned in on the colors.
Oh my god!!! These names are extremely random!!! It's like someone chose them just to get attention.
omg melted chihuaha
Some of the names are so random, like lady balls and bat my eyes. What were they smoking when they came up with the name? I want some too lol!
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