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Hey guys!

Stefany here with some news. Recently Super Junior's Kangin was involved in another DUI after 2009's DUI hit and run incident. Because of this a few Super Junior fans have taken to the web to politely voice their concern and ask for his removal from Super Junior. Some fans posted their statements, one of which says "It is self-evident that there will be damage to the group promotions of Super Junior due to the criminal offense of Super Junior member Kangin, so in the belief that it is unfair for Kangin to continue promoting under the name of Super Junior, we relay our opinions through this statement," Although this opinion isn't shared my every Super Junior fan, many are concerned as to how this will affect the group as a whole. The way that they went about this was respectful and mature so we have to give them props on that.

What are your thoughts? Should Kangin leave Super Junior? Will this continue to hurt the group if he stays? Let us know in the comments below!


any punishment he should receive for a DUI has nothing to do with him being in SJ and asking him to leave isn't right or anyone but his or SM's decision. Granted Kangin isn't my favorite member but SJ wouldn't be the same without him. I do think he needs to get help for his anger and drinking issues but that's his personal life and fans need to keep their noses out of it. Only when it becomes a problem when he's actively involved in promoting SJ should it become an issue for punishment within the company. A better message for fans to send Kangin would be "Oppa I wish you wouldn't drink so much" "Oppa please be more careful with your's and others' safety in future" not "you shouldn't be in SJ anymore". Really if YOU got a DUI on a day off would it be fair to fire you from your job that has nothing to do with that?
i think that there is something more deep down that Kangin then what he wants to let out. yes he needs time to himself and maybe a huge break. but that dont mean take him out of the group. i just wish him well. and hope he can get over the hill he is stuck on. as i said i really think that there is more to the story then what lies in the news of what we are told. i think he needs help. and he is not wanting to admit to it.
Maybe he needs a break for his own sake, but I don't think he should be removed from SJ unless he is unhappy being there. Instead of punishment, maybe he needs encouragement to stop drinking.
I have to agree. I love super junior, I love Kangin, but this is just too much. he definitely had no excuse for not getting a dd, but instead decided to get behind the wheel and put everyone in his paths life in danger. he needs to take off a year and focus on repenting just as other celebrities do. it's sad, but he needs to be an example for the people. he's an idol, and though he's allowed to make mistakes, this isn't a mistake that should happen
wow. I'm surprised. Usually fans say and do some inappropriate things to their idols to show what they "feel" about their actions. I'm happy that they stated their opinion in an appropriate way.
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