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{WW} Slice of Life Husbando

Makoto Tachibana

Free! When it comes to realistic husbandos Makoto is definitely the #1 choice. There are plenty of reasons why and here they are.
He's a cat person I love cats and he loves cats so I think it'd work out perfectly. This also shows that he has a gentle side and I like that.
His smile I just love his big bright smile that he always wears! Makoto almost always has a smile and I love it. He's so nice and sweet and has a great personality.
Great With Kids This is why he is team mom. Even if Makoto doesn't think so, he is team mom. *team starts chanting team mom* Makoto: Rei why are you chanting? Rei: it is a catchy chant Haru: *chants again* team mom Makoto: One more chant and no slushies after practice
Just Look at Him!
Ooo I hope it has two seasons
@MandaLin it will be Attack on Fangirls
@AnimeNerdie Me and @MandaLin will fight you for him
Yes! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
Let's go! @JessicaFerrier
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