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{WW} Emilia-tan
Emilia is such a cute babe who's cheerful and vibrant personality is very attractive to me. Not to mention she's so beautiful and puck is so kawaii! :3 I hope to learn more about her in this amazing series! Tagging @InVinsybll @tbell2 @danse @VoidX @hikaymm @neevp @sontyler @tylor619cruz @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @SimplyAwkward @tayhar18920 @ShinigamiSan @Thatperson512 @emmajolie @reinsharai @kirik @zephyrblaze @VoidX @JadaDiemand @TreverMoon @jessicaferrier @captpeter
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@NicholasCorley Read @NicholasCorley previous comments. He mentioned the name ☺
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ok didnt see previous comments thank you
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@NicholasCorley No problem, enjoy the show. it's really good!
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cool and so is hero academy
a year ago·Reply
@NicholasCorley yup boku no hero academia is awesome too
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