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Okie what some/or not some have been waiting for...the Ultimate Unit Bias for Seventeen results. And what a great time to finish right before their 1 year anniversary... drumrolls These are the 3 Ultimate babies that have been voted by you the fan as holding the title... Let's congratulate our winners. π_π

Performance Unit Ultimate Bias: Hoshi!!!!

Our beautiful 10:10!

Hip Hop Unit Ultimate Bias: Wonwoo!!!!

Our gorgeous Bookworm!

Vocal Unit Ultimate Bias:

This was a super close rally...


Jajaja...and our adorable mini Suga who's stage name is Woozi not Suga. How cute he discovered his hand like a baby.
Thank you all who participated in my Tug-of-war Results Wednesday lol. Please continue to show these babies love especially tomorrow as they turn 1 year. A major proud I'm crying joyful tears of course. Okie bye! SVT Family: @EwSeungkwan @ChelseaJay @MrsJungHoseok Taggies: @MirandaKawahara @ChelseaGarcia @minimanim3 @Maaari LitMonBe Squadeu: @JohnEvans @PrettieeEmm @kpopqueenabee @VKookie47 @vixxstarlight @HerosBells @StefaniTre @reyestiny93 @VatcheeAfandi99 WinKonics Group: @twistedPuppy @Sammie99522 @B1A4BTS5ever @resavalencia @moose1998 @vipgirl5 @LocoForJiyong @xxchicaritoxx @AubrielPope @LemonLassie @SuperJuniorelf @kennaxx @KAddict @amberg171997 @awkwardlove23 @NicoleFireRose @salo @janessaakemi @LisetteZapata @mrsjeon @swarrier16 @JuanitaBooRiv Diamond Besos!!
@IsoldaPazo but but my baby Rapunzel didn't win. I love Jeonghan. I wanna braid his hair.
@MirandaKawahara I know!! it was a super close call though