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Alright guys well thought I just let you know for the BTS fans out there! :D I had gotten the notification on FB but I forgot to screenshot and then I couldn't find it! 😭😭😭 personally I like BTS Game more but the other one is pretty entertaining too :D.

Android: HERE Just in case you like the actual link lol Ios: HERE Again just in case you like the link lol

Ok these are some screenshots of the game. I took them by order from left to right top to bottom. Does that make sense? Well anyways theyre really fun and I like it a lot especially the games in pictures 3 6.

Pictures 3 to 5 are all the same game. You spin the wheel and depending on the time you listen to pay off the song and then identify the correct one. I love this one as well! Also to be honest Im not sure what the voting thing is though. (Last picture or the trophy πŸ† on the first set).

This one is also pretty entertaining but honestly I really love the other app. Plus I cant get past the bomb one! 😭😭 also this one you move up. You have to pass the other ones in order to unlock the next one. So I cant play the last two unless I pass the bomb one. 😭😭😭😞

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you plan on getting either one or both? Tell me what you think. Id love to know 😁 anyways enjoy.

@ArmyofKookie it's so much fun and addicting! I LOVES IT! Lol @Bangtandoll OMG YES it is! It makes me sad cause I feel like I'll never pass it xD @PrettieeEmm it is and it's pretty fun too :D you should try it.
Is it weird that all I want to know is how to change the font on my phone???? Q~Q?
Lol no that's perfectly fine xD sometimes there's other things that catch our attention.
I think you can actually unlock the other games by just simply getting enough points. I was playing BTS city and ended up unlocking everything but I had only played a few games
Oh I have the bts game but not the other one the person actually made some for exo which is really fun to play!^_^
oohhh i'm gna have to check these out!
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