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Ravi turns to you, “Did you know he was here? Before he opened the door I mean.”
You nod and shyly look over at Leo, “You wanted to tell me that I do disturb you. But you didn’t mean by being here.”
He smiles and lifts your face up to his. “Yes.”
You bite your lip, “But how did I know that? I mean I know it’s a double meaning and you’re a guy but it wasn’t a, ‘oh ha ha I made a dirty joke’, it was a ‘you know you disturb me on all levels’. I don’t understand how I understood that.”
He reaches out and tentatively pushes your hair behind your ear. He leaves his hand there, lightly cupping your face and instinctively your head tilts into it and your eyes close. Your breathing evens out; you can hear his breath match yours. You open your eyes to find him staring at you like you’re the most precious thing and he has no idea what to do with you.
Before you can pull away he lightly brushes his thumb along your jaw. “Our bond is getting stronger. I thought it would take longer; months maybe. But you just admitted that you feel it too.”
You pull away and nod, “But I don’t understand it.”
You turn to Ravi, “Why don’t I have this bond with you? I’ve known you longer. I’m confused, how can I bond with Leo when I just met him?”
Ravi looks over at you with slightly tortured eyes and clears his throat, “I’m going to leave the two of you so Leo can explain that.”
“Ravi. No, I don’t want you to go!” You look back and forth between them. Leo isn’t looking at either of you, but looking down at your hand clasped in his. When did you take his hand? What the hell is going on here? Your body seems to be doing things of its own free will, without your awareness. It’s beginning to scare you, yet you don’t pull away; that feels like it would be the wrong move.
Ravi kisses your other hand and stands up. “Leo will explain, it’s his right; not mine. I wish it were mine,” he looks over at your joined hands with Leo. “But that isn’t my choice or yours. I am honored to be your friend; remember that.” He looks over at Leo who has finally raised his head, hearing the pain in his friend’s voice. “I can’t wish for more than my two best friends to be happy, he’s waited a long time for you. Treat her well hyung.” And with that he leaves the dorm.
Leo stands and pulls you to your feet, “Can we go in my room? That way we aren’t disturbed.”
You simply nod and let him lead you out and into his room. As soon as he sits across from you on the bed you begin with questions.
“I should be more nervous, maybe not nervous but unsure? Of being with you…why aren’t I? And what does Ravi mean you’ve waited for me for a long time?”
Leo seems more relaxed in here; his smile is easier and he takes both of your hands in his.
“I’m still very nervous around you,” he lets out a little laugh. “You scare me.”
You look at him incredulously but he just shakes his head, “Because I’ve waited and waited, thinking this time would never really come. That everything we were told was a myth.”
He looks up at you, releasing a hand to stroke your face in awe, “But here you are. I still can’t believe it. I go to bed nervous each night, wondering if you really were just a dream. Afraid that you won’t show, but you do.”
“So those dreams are real? How? That doesn’t make any sense. How can we be sharing dreams?”
“From what I understand we don’t ‘share’ a dream, our souls share a space in time. A space that can only be created by true mates; when they fall asleep. As our bond gets stronger, we aren’t supposed to need that space anymore. We should be able to share even when awake.”
“Alright. So my soul leaves my body and meets yours in some space somewhere and what?”
“I know it is hard to believe. Do you remember our first meeting in that space?”
You blush and try to pull away but he won’t release you.
“No, do not be embarrassed. It was beautiful and sacred, everything it should have been.”
You look up into his eyes; he’s being sincere and honest. In a small voice you admit,
“I thought it was just a really sexy, incredible dream. It confused me though because I could feel everything, even physically. Even after I woke up.”
He nods, “Yes, me too. It took everything in me to restrain myself when I saw you the next day. And to hear you sing? It was like you pierced my heart, a voice meant just for me; that reaches the real me, hidden down below. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better mate, you are already my everything.”
You lick your lips, “So…mate huh? Just what exactly does that mean?”
He runs his thumb across your wet bottom lip, looking back up into your eyes.
“Exactly what you think it does. You and I are destined to be mates, physically and spiritually. Our bond grows because our souls have already accepted each other and consummated their bond.”
You look up with wide eyes, “That first dream?”
He nods, “Yes. I was just as shocked as you, but it felt right, did it not?”
You can't deny it. You knew it even while you thought you were dreaming.
You swallow and lick your lips again, “Can I try something?”
He tilts his head and nods, “I can deny you nothing.”
You let go of his hands, take a deep breath and lean closer.
“I just want to see… to know… if it feels the same…as in the dream. You know?”
He nods and moves his body closer. His hands tangle in your hair as he lowers his head and pulls you closer at the same time.
The minute his lips touch yours, you understand; you’re home. This is exactly what you remember feeling, physically and everywhere else.
It’s a quick kiss, like when you first met on the spiritual plain. The two of you register the recognition of each other, your eyes communicating the truth.
After he stares at you a moment, he gets up, walks over, and locks the door.
Ooooo...he locks the door😉 I can't wait to hear more about this true mate and bond thing. What exactly are they?! Human? Umm...I don't think so.
Oooo it's sexy time
Poor Ravi! I am loving this story! Could you please tag me in the future chapters? 🤗. And why cant this be a reality and actually happen to me??!! 😭😆
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