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My BTS "Young Forever" album came (my 1st Kpop album)!!!

Took 2.5 weeks from Kpop Mart when I was expecting 3-4 (I preordered it). Heck, I bet that I'd be able to do a split before it came (I still can't lol).

BELOW: Pics 'cause it happened! •v<

Yes, I added a filter and some stickers ;9 Definitely a gift to myself

Totally forgot to erase the extra blur mark Like my plant bedsheets? xD

These cards fell out of the box!

Maybe it's just a Kpop Mart thing??

♡♡ I got my bias' polaroid!~!! ♡♡

I was legit about to cry. Definitely teared up. I don't know about the signature though. Also in this pic: • Cover, both CDs, folded poster, photobook • Hobi's "Dope" photocard ^^ • those 3 photocards mentioned earlier • Something about BigHit auditions? I tried using the Google Translate camera on it but I didn't have the patience to make sense of it.

Man... I'm so hyped right now ^^ I even went and showed my mom.

She kept asking if some of the members were girls/gay ;v; Thanks, Mom... she understands my fangirling ("been there, done that") but she won't let me go to KCON LA. *sigh* I swear though, in the event that BTS tours in America, I WILL see them. Hopefully, I'll be better prepared by then (know most of the lyrics, know more Korean, have an actual budget ready, etc.)

Other News

There's someone on Twitter doing a group order for ARMY bombs.

I don't know how legit it is, but take the risk if you're up for it. I read that group orders usually lower the cost of each item for those invloved in the group order. Some fanclubs do group orders.

I hit 100k views and 40+ followers a while ago~ Thank you so much!!!

I seriously wasn't expecting it. I joined Vingle for the content and support. It just seemed fun and interesting ^^ #noregrets

ARMY Membership Kits are coming!

These are only for those who've applied and paid (AKA not me *sobs*) but hey, I don't need an ID to tell me what I am - an A.R.M.Y ♡ From Twitter

♡♡♡ Thanks for all the love again!!! I wouldn't be here without you, guys~ ♡♡♡


I tried to order an ARMY membership kit when they had the openings but I couldn't figure it out. My Mon Bebe kit came today though.
@JamiMilsap thanks so much~ ^^
Congratulations on your first album!! 🤗🤗🤗Yaaaaaaay!!
That's most awesomest thing in the world when you get your biases photo card!
congrats and tag me
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