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So Time for a little randomness.
You can find some pretty interesting things.
Under images I found that there really was no pictures of any of the members with pancakes.
Instead I found these guy dancing right next to a picture of a stack of pancakes.
Made my night!
This is just plain entertaining! I thank the person who made this video
But apparently I can't post the video with the link since I hadn't found it on youtube. So here's a link
I had a need for pancakes and found None.
Someone took my pancakes!
After watching Dream Knight Got7 was on my mind
I combined the two which ended up with my silliness
. . . They took my pancakes from me
lol jk jk I just playing.
My Fan fic fan's! I'm so tagging you into my randomness
hahha I love the bacon pancake song and Jackson's dance is on point lol
@luna1171 it got stuck in my head with how many time I watched. then realized JB was dancing to it in the gif above the video as well, at least it looks that way. lol. (corrected myself. sorry bout that mix up)
LMAOO! I repeated too many times and loughed everytime too hahahha.. he is too funny..
Lol now I'm hungry
Bacon pancakes, bacon bacon pancakes~ Sorry 😐