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Have you guys seen these long hair makeovers?

I was so positive he was going to messed up because of the way he was cutting her hair but the result was gorgeous. Sometimes short hair and bangs can make you look older. The side swept asymmetric fringe gives her youthful and edgy look.

The woman who got her first haircut in 30 years.

I thought they were going for something more dramatic but I'm glad the stylist left it around shoulder length. It suits her face shape and the honey highlights gave her hair a major upgrade.
Anyone have similar experience?
@Ticasensei I know! It was one of the best long to short hairstyles I've seen.
my hair is five foot three. do you think I should cut it. I've been growing it out for 23 years
her hair looks good for sure! idk I guess I'm just going to let it grow till I starts bugging me lol but so far I love my long hair @HairConfetti
@Yuki136989 She's brave! Are you planning to grow it longer?
wow! I like it on her, she has such a small sharp face this hair looks just right on her
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