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My favorite time of the week again! WW is here and we have a theme I've been wanting for quite some time, Slice of Life genre! I was juggling quite a few for this choice but settled on 1 and a few honorable mentions!
Itou Nobue from the anime Ichigo Mashimaro! She's a Jr college student who lives at home, always wants a cigarette or money for cigarettes. She also loves beer which I think we could get along with and she has a great appreciation for the "moe" aesthetic! She is sometimes defines as your typical lolicon lol she is funny as hell too! I think her and I would get along great!!!
Here are some Honorable Mentions!!!
Saya Endo from Dagashi Kashi! She is so damn cute!! She is a great definition of kawaii! Her and Hotaru Shidare are beauty's to die for!!♡♡
Kazuho Miyauchi from Non Non Biyori! She's the older sister of Renge and the single teacher in there entire school that has 5 students all in a different grade but same class. She is always tired and wants to sleep! Yup her and I would definitely get along great!!
Megumi Sakura from School-Live! I think I have a thing for teachers because she is a teacher too! Look at how beautiful she is! I cried when I learned the truth about her. If you have watched this then you'll understand the last picture. The feels on this one!!!