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This is by far my favorite Jay park collab hands down !

Ughhh....where do I even start.....first off let me say going into this song I only listened to it because of Jay.....well I've never listened to raz before....but I just may start because he killed this song. and second let me say this song is so damn real....it's been awhile since I've actually had a song really hit me like this one did . it's legit been on repeat non stop . I'm too ready to hear what these guys will be working on together because this was just too perfect for words.

Jay park Verse Lyrics (aka the realest sh*t I've heard in awhile)

Girl why you so afraid so afraid girl open up your heart and them legs is it cause I had so much ass in the past you ain't up for the task im letting you know that I changed & I'm wrong wrong wrong no I don't want to be alone no .... I know you're thinking that I will hurt you and I probably will But I'm worth taking back respect me girl know I don't lie and I'm not completely emotionless even though I don't try girl take my hand and let's go give it a try because you never know..... BBMG Squad @LocoForJiyong @xroyalreisx @dayashley11 @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @IsoldaPazo
where can I hear it
woahhh 😐 let me respect this man even more! 😂
@LocoForJiyong this song is tight like what
what I can't even deal with this
@Oreo44 the link is right under the first pic , it should let you press it
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