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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: swearing and scenes of intimacy
Thoughts ran through your mind. Luckily, a knock at the door to your room interrupted you. "Come in!" You shouted. Jungkook stood in the doorway, "hey little boss, you alright?" You nodded and he walked further into your room, leaving the door slightly open. "Just heard Yoongi slam the door that's all, wondered if he did anything." Kook was always caring, he was like your best friend - you felt like you could tell him anything. "I was just teasing him that's all, he lost his cool" "He was cool? I never knew he had that in him" His sarcasm made you laugh. Although Jungkook got on alright with Yoongi, he would joke about him with you. That's why he was the best! "Nah, I just know how to send him off the edge basically" He sat down on your bed while you sat in a spin-y desk chair. "Could you give me a few tips then in case he gets too much?" You almost chocked on your own spit. What were you going to say? 'Kiss him then call him soft'? You could always just mention the soft part. Except, you could imagine if Jungkook said that to Gigi, he'd probably end up with a black eye. It was never clear to you why Gigi never laid a finger on you, whereas with any other guy, he would easily beat them to a pulp.
"I called him weak. I wouldn't use that thought, he might attack you if you do" He sniggered, "as if he'd beat me in a fight" You were listening out while laughing. If Yoongi was still angry and heard what you two were saying, he would surely shout his head off. "Kook, shut up he could hear!" A small smile grew on his face, "like that's going to stop me!" Then the sarcasm kicked in, "I'm already besties with the boss' daughter, if the boss' favourite doesn't like me then that doesn't mean I'll be fired" He was the only person that didn't use your status to their advantage. Even if you weren't his friend, he was still a good worker and so your dad still wouldn't fire him - even if Gigi complained. You spent the next half an hour just bitching with him about Gigi. It was always nice to get things off your chest. The only thing you didn't want to mention was the kiss that you had shared with Yoongi. It was way too awkward to mention. Anyway, it probably would have spoiled the nice moment you two shared. By now, you had joined Kook on the bed. You were sat with your back rested against the wall while he laid his head against the backboard. Your legs were resting on top of his legs. Unlike with Yoongi, nothing was weird between you and Jungkook. You could almost do anything around him and it wouldn't affect the way you two were towards each other. It was good that you two proved that a boy and a girl can be best friends without any problems of love.
"Tell you what..." Kook suggested, "I bet Yoongi is still pissed with you. I'd reeeeaaaallly love to see you push him over the edge" You rolled your eyes at him. After the last encounter, you weren't really up to seeing his face so close to yours again. You shook your head, clearly getting the point across. "Come on..." He moaned, "please, pretty please, I'll do you a favour in the future if you do it" Hmm.. What could you possibly have him do that would benefit you the most? Protect you from Yoongi? Be your personal slave? Nothing really interesting popped into your head but you were sure that something may come to your mind in due course. "Sure." You hesitantly agreed. Hopefully Yoongi wouldn't lash out too much! "But when I think of a favour, I'm going to make it last like forever" His smile fades at your seriousness. There was no way that he wasn't going to pay for however Yoongi reacted.
Gigi's room was practically opposite yours but you weren't 100% sure what your plan would be. Would it be possible to just annoy him more? After all, he probably had enough time to calm down. You could flirt with him... WHAT? How did that thought even come into your head? After all, he was practically your enemy, your rival. Rivals didn't kiss, rivals were at each other's throats. "So..are you gonna go or what?" Kook stopped your train of thought. He seemed to be doing that a lot today, most of which you were thankful for. But not now. You couldn't think of a plan and him interrupting you didn't help. "When I've got a plan I will okay!" You snapped back. He sighed. Surely something would come into your head.
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Is she going to kiss Kookie in front of Yoongi by any chance?
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