I have strangely complex and vivid dreams, so I keep a dream journal. Sometimes, my dreams are surprisingly informative, and im not sure if this is stuff I already knew or what, but it's definitely not stuff I was conscious of knowing. Interesting facts that I've learned from my dreams last night... 1) Elderberries come in a lighter blue variety (Googled this...true). According to the shopkeeper in my dream, the berries ease cold symptoms (more research required...appears plausible). Shopkeeper also told me I should eat something with protein because I had a broken bone. I hope my foot isn't broken again, lol. 2) Japanese believe in 4 cardinal spirits, of which the East is represented by a dragon of wind and rain and the North by a great warrior (confirmed...warrior is a tortoise). Still trying to find out if there is a story about these particular spirits being captured and held for several months by ronin. In the dream, their long incarceration meant that cherry blossoms would fall straight to the ground under the trees in huge heaps, causing all of Japan to smell putrid when the piles started rotting in the sun. I know I watch a LOT of anime, but I can't say that I've ever even heard of these "shishin". http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/ssu-ling.shtml 3) The commute to Nantucket by way of boat is the world's worst commute, especially when a storm is approaching. (Some articles seem to concur, and I'm really not sure how I'd know this. Heck, I can't even remember the last time I even thought about or heard about Nantucket, of all places!) [http://www.n-magazine.com/extreme-commuting/]
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We share a lot of weird in common. Lol