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Pairing: Reader X J-Hope Rated: M Warning: THIS CONTAINS, DEPRESSION, ABUSE, LANGAUGE, HINTS AT SUICIDE. A/N: I do not condone any of this that is taking place in this story. Hope you enjoy.
My everyday life is so painful. Sometimes I want to just end it all, but can't. I have my little brother, Jungkook watch over. I have to find away to get us away from this hell we are living. My mom passed away a year ago and we were left in the custody of our abusive father. Tonight like other nights he would come home drunk. He would have have fits of rage when he came home. He would come home yelling and breaking things. When angry, he had a tendency to wants something hit. So I tell Jungkook "Hide under the bed, and don't come out until,I tell you to. I try to protect him as much as possible. I become my fathers punching bag in his place. He came room and pushed me against the wall leaving a hole. He grabbed meme by my hair and slam me to the ground. Then he would straddle and then constantly punch me. He would stand up repeatedly kick me. When he is finish he staggered into the living room and passes out. I lay there in the spot he left me ,battered and in pain. Jungkook comes out crying saying, "Noona are you ok?" I force myself to smile and say, "I'm ok". I get up with assistance of Jungkook and struggle to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see the damage that that bastard left. I had a cut lip and a black eye. I lift my shirt to find purple bruises on my ribs. I find the first aid kit and treat my wounds. I return to the room and find that Jungkook had fallen asleep while crying again. I place that cover over him. I sit in the coner of the room and began to weep. Thinking to myself, "I have too find away to get away from here." Next day I wake up and get dressed and then wake up Kookie,(my nickname for him) to get dressed for school. It is 5 a.m., three hours before school actually started. I had to deliver papers in the mornings and I didn't want him to be along with dad. So I brought him with me. His school is part of the paper route so I drop him off. When I return home that drunk bastard is still asleep. I quickly change and go to my second job. I work as a waitress at this diner not far from home. When I leave that job at 2, I work as a custodian at a company until 8. I work so many jobs because I am saving to buy a small place for us to live. After working I pick Kookie up from after school he is part of the math club. He make me so proud to see him study so hard. He always says, "Noona I am going to study hard and get a good job so you don't have to work so hard. I chuckle and joke say," you owe me that much." That's usual daliy routine, school, work, beatings. Part of my job as a custodian is to clean the CEO's office. One night I entered and found him still there. I entered and asked, "Excuse me Mr.Jung, sir, is it ok clean in here." I held my head down so the bruises on my face wouldn't show. He responded "yes it is fine." While cleaning he was very enveloped in his work. I never actually saw him at work, but I had to admit he was very handsome. He was my age 23, and a force to be recking with. He was an elite business man. He got things done better than CEOs twice his age. He was great. I approached his desk to take out the trash. I turn slightly trying to hide my face from him but it didn't work. He glanced over to see what I was doing, and he saw. He got up and lifted my face. Looking at me and asking with a concerned voice he asked," What happened to your beautiful face, who did this to you." I quickly step back and say ,"No one I ran into a wall." "Why are you lying, someone hit you" He replied. I don't know why I was protecting my father. Was it beacause I feared him? No it was because I fear what he might no to Jungkook. I bow and turn to leave but he grabs me. I feel tears roll down my face. He pulls me into his embrace and says, "Let me help you , I'll protect you."
I know it is a kinda dark way of begin a story but it will get better and brighter later. I hope you enjoyed. let me know if you want to be tagged in this series.
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