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@oj1992 poor u Rain .... it hurt meee !!!!! if u want a drama with Rain only 5I sow ...Fugitive Plan B action .. Full house ...romance comed. ..R2B movie (he is pilot )...Ninja Assasins ...A Love to kill ... melodrama !!! the good one !!!
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@alex9094 bahahahaha :DD i have seen ths scene actually in a variety show... I wonder when that was :x I remember laughing so much, he was trying to be so cool and smooth xD
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@PiuPiuPENGUIN kkkkkkkkkkk~ i think that is the problem with sunglasses~~~ i think we have all been through the same thing as rain~ kkk
4 years ago·Reply
@oj1992 Full House is a good one...
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Lol poor Rain
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