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*Warning not for the younger of children *

so the moment I found out my loves were doing yet another song together , I've been too excited and I have yet another fave jam of mine. sik.k never disappoints......Maybe a little ....since you know fortunate models got to just touch his adorable little self ....but it's okay I'm not mad....hahahaha but I just love the vibe this song has and Jay park was a perfect touch. and best of all........My Chacha Beat Boy is in the video ...hello anytime chacha Is present you know it's gonna be a good time

What Do you guys think?

and if anyone wants to be tagged in my KHipHop posts or any post just comment below.
meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! lawd tag me por favor :D
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@IsoldaPazo I will definitely!
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god damn they killed it
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