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6:58 Sina: Will you have a new drama this year?
LMH: Bounty Hunters will be released too. There is no specific confirmation for afterwards, but the plan is to find a project for this year.
7:17 Sina: Is it possible to participate in a Chinese drama or variety show?
LMH: It's been thought about, but it's probably too difficult considering the time and energy required to participate.
7:44 Sina: During one variety show, actress Anita Yuen openly admitted that she was addicted to you in front of her husband Julian Cheung. Have you been in touched with the couple about this fun segment?
LMH: Aside from that show, she has often mentioned me in other shows. I'm very appreciative, but I haven't had the opportunity to interact with them privately.
8:07 Sina: If your girlfriend is addicted to another nansheng (male god) in front of you. How will you react?
LMH: I don't think I'd be happy. I wouldn't be able to stand it. (Can you stand watching Suzy getting together with Kim Woo Bin in Uncontrollably Fond?)
8:17 Sina: You've been appointed as honorary ambassador for the Korea Visit Years and for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. What have you don specifically in those roles? LMH: Mostly recently is to increase interest for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. I cannot attend the games, but I will encourage others and personally pay more attention to it, to fulfill my duty even in a small way.
8:42 Sina: What is your favorite sport? And, which Olympics program do you love to watch the most?
LMH: I like all types of ball games. During the summer I prefer surfing. In winter I enjoy skiing. I like short-track speed racing in the Olympics.
9:01 Sina: What do you recommend for traveling in Korea?
LMH: I would recommend Jeju island, because the air there is really great. It's also nice to visit a city. To me, the point of traveling is to rest. So if you want to rest, then Jeju island is a good destination.
9:31 Sina, if you have the time, where would you like to travel to outside of Korea?
LMH: I would actually like to visit the rest of China. I come to China frequently, but it's always for work in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou. I haven't been to other places. I want to visit places where other Chinese people want to visit in China too.
Sina: What will you do if you're chased by the fans? cred: drama fever.