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Hello anyone who may be reading this, I got this app a while ago but haven't done anything with it. But as the title describes, there's a first time for everything.
So what shall we start with? I will start as if I just started watching kpop. So our first group will be Got7!!!!
So originally I was a, to die for, anime fan. So be prepared for any anime attachments Just an example ☝
I will end this here. If anyone has any recommendations for me I will gladly read and do as many as possible. ✌
I appreciate that you guys a really posted suggestions😘
aweeee well hope you enjoy this app eventually you'll get used to it and love it as much as everyone else 👍
Welcome to an amazing place <3 ( we may be a little crazy but all the best people are ^_^) Also people are going to suggest a million different groups ( me included) Some of my favorites are ikon, winner, big bang, block b, infinite, monsta x, shinee, and vixx just to name a few. But a lot of us started off with anime as well don't be scared to talk to us we are one big family!
I agree with @aliendestina 😂😂 and welcome btw ;)
be active stick with us because your family also read lots of fan fics and fan girl over Korean boys
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