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Part Four!! Hope you are enjoying the story so far!! (just for ur information I was listening to some sad songs while writing this so it might sound a little depressing)
You wake up, wondering what was up with your dream, but it seemed like you and Mark would be an actual good couple! But after your incident with BamBam you knew not to date a GOT7 member again. Well, not like ever again but you need some space right now, and you don't think this is the time to date. Sense you are in a group under JYP (that has not debuted yet) you head to your practice room and work on the dance moves for your debut. Then once you dance to the song a couple times, you hear a knock on the door. You open up the door to see Jackson. "Working on your moves?", he asks. You nodded and asked for Jackson to turn on the music. Once he turns it on you and your members start to dance away like your preforming on stage, you couldn't wait to debut. When you were done dancing to the song you realize that Jackson was gone. So, to find him you go down the hall, right next to GOT7 practice room. Before you open the door, you realize that BamBam is in there. You really don't want to see BamBam, so you thought that you would just open the door and pop your head out and ask Jackson to come out into the hallway with you. You than open the door. "Hey Jackson can I talk to you real quick? Out here please.", you ask. He nods and walks out into the hallway with you. "What do you need?", he asks. "I was just wondering if I could come in for a bit, I mean we're done practicing for today, and I was bored. But I feel like it would be to awkward between me and BamBam from what happened yesterday. Do you think it would be awkward?", you say. He nods. You go in anyway not aware of what will probably happen. You see the other members like Youngjae, and Jr and Mark. You totally forgot about the dream with you and Mark dating. You could not tell anyone about your dream. You realize that you actually kind of liked the dream. You stopped daydreaming and sat down. The members were asking you a lot of questions about your debut. Sense it was releasing tomorrow. And you realize after your debut, you aren't going to see the guys that much anymore, or your family, or your best friend. You started to cry because of thinking of that. The members were comforting you, trying to make you feel better. They started to tell stories about some of the people they haven't seen in forever. And that made you realize even more that you won't see almost any of your friends in a long time, but it's a part of the job. You go back to your practice room and pack up and you decided to take a bus home, but you realised that your a idol now and you have a dorm with your other members. Sharing a dorm with 7 other girls does not seem fun, but you have to do it. Once you get to the dorm, you go and find a bed, claim it as yours and you go to sleep.
I changed the story up a little bit, but I hope you enjoyed!! Please tell me if you would like to be tagged or not!!! @BlackJackXXX @JaxomB @tiffany1922 @Michelle305 @BetseyBleau