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So it's finally that time where I share with you my lovely BBMG of the day

if you haven't already seen @bbxgd 's lovely card explaining the fun please head over there first then come back to enjoy the loveliness

so with out further or do ......my lovely pick for today is none other than the fabulous


ELO (์—˜๋กœ)

Real Name: Oh Min Taek Debut (Y.M.D): 13.04.05 Label: AOMG Entertainement Discography: Blur (digital single), Parachute (digital single), Your Love (digital single), Friends With Benefits (digital single)

F.W.B ft Hoody

one of my favorite songs featuring our aomg queen herself Mrs.Hoody ...this song just has the perfect vibe to it...making it extremely hard not to like

Parachute ft. Mr Gray

these two together is just magic

Your Love Ft. The Quiett

this man can collab with anyone under the sun and it's just pure gold all his songs just have a feel good vibe to them

Elo ft. Crush

nothing and I mean nothing gets better than these two together.......ughhhh perfection at its finest

this man is just so mysterious and so beautiful with zero effort and did I mention he's extremely talented!

Now I'm just patiently waiting for the man to release some music so I can be at peace with life hahaha like a smart man one said.....

"ugly duck ELO ELO ELO it's your turn"......so I'll just sit here and wait no rush...haha

so what are you guys waiting for????? go listen to this wonderful human of you haven't already and prepare to be taking to a whole new world with his wonderful melodies

that being said....tune in next time for the next BBMG of the day and don't forget .......

an ELO a day keeps the doctors away.......or it keeps them coming because your heart won't be equipped for music so beautiful

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