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I'm not sure if anyone really cares but just in case, I'll do me top 5 boy groups.
#5 is..... B1A4. I love their songs Lonely and Solo Day.
#4 is..... Block B. Block B deserves this spot for my favorite Kpop song Nillili Mambo.
#3 is...... Bts. I know I just started watching/listening to their videos but they have been great!!
#2 is...... Big Bang. This group is worthy of the number 2 spot in my list, Big Bang is responsible for many of my all-time favorite Kpop songs!!!!
and finally #1 is......Got7!!!!!!! My all-time favorite group.
What are your favorite groups?!
its kind of impossible for me to make a list. I like so many groups xD
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Same goes for me ^^^^ , but i love those groups!!! ♡♡♡
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