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So I'm already aware of how crazy this idea is, but I tend to do crazy things sometimes so why not! I thought that Line would be the most popular messaging app to have a group message in, but that assumption is not proving to be true. I've thought about creating multiple chats in different apps so that everyone has the chance to be in the story chat. I will have one in Line, KakaoTalk, and GroupMe. These are the three apps I currently have. If none of these are available for you and you are interested in being in the chat, I don't mind taking app suggestions and if the demand is high enough, I will make a group in that app as well. Each group will receive the exact same info etc. Now with this being said, I'm also aware that there possibly just isn't much interest in being in the chat at all. This was mainly a trial and error project and I was really excited about doing it. This will be my last post about this I promise! 😁 please let me know in the comments if you're at all interested and if you are, what messaging app you prefer ❤️
sorry - I'm running a bit behind and struggling to catch up on my notifications! I'm on Kakao as resav22 - I'd love to join the party!! 😁
Or you can friend me erineli11 @jojojordy2324 @ammagrande @MichelleIbarra
Can I join? I have both Line and Kakao Talk
I have line and kakao talk!
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