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WARNING☡ ▪Smut ▪Angst ▪Rated M ▪Foul language ▪BoyxBoy ▪ReaderxIdol

☠Enter with caution☠

Deep feels a head I'm sorry lol.


What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy?
A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved! ☆MY PHOTO EDITING! I will be having different cover photo☆ 》Need to catch up《 ° Part 8 ° Part 7 ° part 6 ° part 5 ° part 4.1 ° part 4 ° part 3 ° part 2 ° part 1 ° preview
what was i suppose to do? I didn't expect things to turn out this way. we weren't ready for the sudden change in our life's. we were only young and navi kids, who didn't know what they got themself into. it all happened so fast, we weren't ready. All we wanted was to feel like we weren't alone, we were desperate for the attention. we only did what we felt was right with a thought in the world. Now it's all ruin... what was I supposed to do that day? how was I suppose to react.... we didn't see it coming it just came at us so fast. how was I suppose to know that I'd end up losing you. Now your gone from my sight and far away from my grip. I have lost the only person who made me feel happy... What do I do... I was young and stupid... I didn't mean to cause you so much pain... please tell me what was I supposed to do?! °•☆•°☆°•☆•°☆°•☆•°☆°•☆•°☆°•☆•°☆°•☆•° "do you wanna be my girl?" Chanwoo confess his feeling to you. you didn't what to say or do it wasn't something you've ever experienced. Chanwoo stared at you with lovely eyes as he waited for you respond. you turned to look at Bobby who had a small grin on his face then you look over to B.I who was standing by the classroom door. B.I had just Walken just as Chanwoo ask you out, the look on his face seem unhappy. what could had tick B.I off. "So do you?" Chanwoo said as he moved in close to you. "i know we've only know each other for a couple of month now but I've really like you (A/N)" Chanwoo add on "you like me" you said nervously with a smile creeping onto your face. "Yeah, I really like you. so will you let me be your knight and shining armor?" "y-yes I-" "Talk about cliche, that was the most cornest line ever" B.I cut you off as he makes fun of Chanwoo. you rolled your eyes as you look over to Bobby hoping he controlled B.I before you had too. But Bobby only got up and high five him instead. you started to get annoyed of them and their action. you hated how you always felt so left out between them even more when Jinhwan and Junhoe were around. you wanted just for once to feel like you were part of something not just a punch bag for them. what got you more piss off was that Bobby didn't seem to defend you either instead he'd just laugh it off as if it a joke. you snarled and grab Chanwoo by the hand, as you stormed out of the classroom. Bobby and B.I only stared blankly and a bit confused as they watched you storm out of the room. you dragged Chanwoo all the way to the p.e field without realizing it. Chanwoo didn't say a single word as you continue walking towards the bleacher. you finally let go of chanwoo hand and sat down on the bleachers. you let out a loud grunted then hid your face inside of your hands as your elbow rested on your thighs. lately all you wanted now was to get high school over with. you've grown tired of everyone and thing, especially B.I and His freinds. You can't stand the fact that he treats you like a piece of trash and how he always seem to meddle into your private life. Whenever Bobby around B.I acts all different towards you. Instead of making you fall or trip or making you look like a complete idiot in front of chanwoo or any cute guy in general he nice and kind to you. B.I puts up and act in front of bobbys eyes and you didn't like it one bit. so one day you tried to tell Bobby but he never seem to listen to you or believe you. also it was hard to talk to Bobby alone because everywhere Bobby went B.I seem to tag along. its like their inseparable just how you use to be with Bobby, just like back in the days when it was only you and him and nobody else... when your younger, when everything was perfect... when it was only you two... "You okay?" Chanwoo asked you with a comforting tone of voice Chanwoo placed his arm around your shoulders as he moved in closer by your side. You look up to your side to find his face was so close to yours. you quickly looked away from him. you could hear Chanwoo chuckling as he moves his arm away and leans a bit back looking up at the sky, his arms support his weight. you slowly peak over at him throwing small quick glances. Chanwoo look at you and catches you looking as you tried to turn away. he move closer to you so close his thigh was touching yours; you blushed. Chanwoo reach over to you as he places his hand on your chin and guide your head to turn and look at him. slowly he moves his hand up towards your cheek as he gently caressed it and leans in closer to you for a kiss. your heart beat pick up as you started breathing rapidly. you didn't know to what to do at a time like this, it's never happen to you before this is all new. you slowly closed your eyes as you waited for Chanwoo lips to meet yours. "Yah!!" your eyes shot open you knew that voice so well. you quickly turn to were the Voice was heard from. It was B.I again standing at the bottom of the bleachers with a piss off look on his face. you glared at him as he made his way up towards you and Chanwoo. "What the hell are you doing here!" you shouted at B.I "That what I like to know about you. why are you here alone with Him" B.I said as he look at Chanwoo with a irritated expressions. "That None of your business!" you told B.I as you shoved him away from you. "seriously, I really like to know what's going on between you two. because it seem to me like you two have a thing going on?" Chanwoo jumps into the conversation. "Hell no I can't stand her" B.I argues. "I hate him so fucking much" you state. "Well then why are you always following her and messing with her." Chanwoo ask B.I "Because it fun messing with the weak" B.I response with a cocky tone of voice. "seem to me like you just like her" Chanwoo suggested "are you stupid are something" "B.I you look upset when I sat next to her at lunch, whenever I'm helping her pick up her stuff" Chanwoo points out. "That because you ruining the fun" B.I exclaimed "What about today?" "What about it?" B.I said "you have no reason to butt in when I confess let alone even be here. why are you here and not with Bobby if I may ask" Chanwoo stand up and looks at B.I straight in the eyes. "Chanwoo that enough, I don't want to deal with him right now Let's go" you said as you grab Chanwoo hand and tried to make your way pass B.I but suddenly you felt someone grab your arm. You stop to look behind you to see who it was. you yank your arm away as soon as you realize it was B.I. Chanwoo brow arched as he notice too. He look over at you as you stared confused at B.I. "Look I don't know what type of relationship you two got going on but I don't want to be a part of it." Chanwoo said then walks off leaving you two behind. you stomp your feet as you turn to look at B.i, you where piss off. you shoved B.I causing him to sit down in the benches. B.I still staring at the ground, he didn't say a word. you raked your hair and crossed your arms in front of yourself. "hello" you tried to get B.I attention. "What?" he said with a deep tone of voice. "What do you mean what, what you deal Hanbin you already ruin my middle school years, you made my first year as a senior a living hell. Now your ruining my love life what do you want from me! you already have the one person that was dear to me what else!" you yelled at B.I with frustration cracking in your voice. but he didn't say a single word only look down still. it made you even more mad, the fact that he doesn't take you seriously really irks you. "Yah!!! listen to me damn it! how is it my fault! huh how!? I didn't take him away from you!! I didn't know he had a son! if I did I would have wanted to meet you! it's not my fault your dad had left you!! I'm sorry okay I really am so please stop this already! I'm sick and tired of this petty games of yours" you shouted but B.I still stared at the ground you grab him by his shirt as you crouched down in front of him. B.I looked startled as you gripped onto his shirt. "LISTEN TO ME HANBIN!! I'M SORRY STOP IT ALREADY WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH! please just leave me alone already. Keep Bobby keep everything you want but just leave me alone already" you begin to sob out of anger. B.I notice and stares at you his brows frowned as you still head on to his shirt. he didn't know what to say or do. "I hate you so much I just want you got of my life" you added. "I-I-I c-can't leave you a-alone" B.I mumbles. "What? what did you say?" you looked up at him. "I'm sorry but I can't just leave you" B.I said as he pulled you in for a kiss. your eyes widen as your gasped for a air. you tried to pull away but the kiss just felt so right. his lips felt so warm and moist he had such sweet lips for a boy. you wrapped your wraps around him as you started kissing him back. B.I placing his hand onto your lower back as he deepen the kisses, pulling you onto his lap. you didn't care about a thing in the world at the moment both you and b.I mind was blank as you both continued to make out and your body's heating up. this was the most hottest kiss you ever had in your life and you enjoyed it. but then someone clears their throat. both you and b.I stop the kiss as you turn to look behind you. It was Bobby the look on his face look hurt and shattered. tears filling up in his eyes. B.I quickly pushes you off and stand up. you jump up as you stared worryingly at Bobby. you couldn't believe you had forgotten all about Bobby at the moment you where just kissing his boyfriend. "mha... um... you guys sure make a good couple" Bobby forced a smile as he bit onto his bottom lip. "Bobby no wait listen-" "It's okay (Y/N) it's fine" Bobby said before you could explained. you look at Bobby and notice it wasn't you who was hurting him, it was B.I and that the person Bobby is staring at with so much pain at the moment. B.I looked at Bobby back but with a empty look as he walked on over to him. B.I paused beside him for a second then walked away. tears begin to stream down Bobby eyes you tried to comfort him but he only smack your hand away; you where shocked. Bobby glared at you intensely then walks on off chasing after B.I and in that moment you knew you fuck up. ☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°• Bobby ran after B.I trying to quickly catch up to him. Bobby grab B.i from his arm yanking B.I towards him. B.I pulled away and glared a Bobby. "Why'd you do it? Bobby asked B.I with a cracky tone of voice. "because... I don't know" B.I looked down at the ground. "do you like her?" Bobby asked again. "I don't know" "DO YOU HAVE FEELING FOR HER!" Bobby shouted. B.I throat tighten as he avoid Bobby eyes. "Answer me!" "Yes!! damn it yes I do and I don't know why" B.I felt tears falling down his cheeks. Bobby felt a knot in his stomach as his chest felt crushed. he wanted to scream so much but didnt. Bobby turn away from B.I and ruffled his hair. "I'm sorry" B.I apologize. "Shut up" Bobby growled "I didn't want to hurt you" "You fucking liar!" Bobby shouts. "That been for fucking plan from the very beginning! that all you wanted to do was to break (Y/N) and me! your selfish and greedy! your fucking bart a bitch!" Bobby yells at B.I as he shoves him against the lockers. "that not true Bobby listen to me please" B.I plead. "just like your mother no one will love the likes of you. your nothing but trash" Bobby insulted B.I "you don't talk about my fucking mother you piece of shit!" B.I rushed Bobby to ground and started punching him. "Fight!!" A boy shouts Which cause students to run out of class and chant. B.I continued swinging fist after fits not give Bobby a chance to even open his eyes. Bobby tried to grab his hands but B.I slapped his hands away. He grab Bobby by he shirt and tossed him against the locker. Bobby was already weak from the hits. for some odd reason Bobby could dare lay a finger on B.I. Bobby pushed B.I away dropping him to the ground and pinning his arms down. "stop please" Bobby begged "you fucking ass hole!" B.I barked "I didn't mean to say those words I was just mad" "I'll fucking kill you!!" B.I squirm around on ground as tears of anger dripped. "I'm sorry" "I hate you Bobby I fucking hate you! you kissed her FIRST!!!!" b.i shouts "I know and I'm sorry" Bobby sob. "Don't even speak to me because it over its done!!" b.i cried our. Bobby release his hold as he got off of B.I, he felt like everything just started being black and blue. the words echoed in his head. B.I got up and dusted himself off as he was about to walk away when Bobby grab him and pulls him in for a kiss. B.I pushed him off and punches him one more time. the hit was strong enough it knock Bobby out. Jinhwan and Junhoe ran into the crowed and stood there in shock . Finally A teacher comes running in and tells everyone to get back to class expect for B.I. Bobby was sent into the nurse office as b.i waited patiently in the main office. for his mother to arrive. "Where is he?" b.i hears Bobby mother walks in. "Ma'am please calm down" A staff said to her. she notice B.I sitting down in the office and rushes over to him. "You! How could you! my son cherished you! and you betray him like this you little bastard" she yells with anger as she slaps B.I "Ma'am please don't hit the other students or we'll have to take you down to the police station" a officer warns her. "My son was brutal hurt by this boy!" she shouts as she slaps B.I again "Don't you dare lay another finger on my son" B.I mom walks in and pushes Bobby mother. "your son is an ungrateful child! who don't deserve to loved" "How dare you! he is a child and you speak so rudely at a young boy" B.I mother said as she wraps her arms around him. "My son cherish him so much! everyday he talked to me about b.i everyday he told me about the fun time they had. MY SON LOVES HIM SO MUCH but NOW HE BEEN HURT BOTH PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY!!" she yells as tears fall. "I'm sorry" B.I stands up and bows 90 degrees. "Your nothing but a rotten bart!" Bobby mother slap B.I again "Mom what are you doing" Bobby walks in "I told you to not touch my son!" B.I mother shouted and was about to rush her. but b.i stop her. "I deserve it" "No you don't your only a child who doesn't understand much of life" his mother said "That doesn't GIVE ME THE EXCUSE TO HURT OTHER MOTHER!" B.I shouts "Hanbin sweetly what's happening to my little boy where is my happy boy" his mother said as she gently caressed his cheek. "He died along time ago! when his world crashes down and his home was taken from him!" B.I cried "Hanbin knock it off" his mother said "HE NEVER COMING BACK!!! MOM!!! HE HAPPY WITH HIS FAMILY!!!" "Hanbin that enough" his mother scolds him "i saw him... he looks so happy he has a happy home with his new family... he forgotten all about us... he has no son" B.I cried as he recalled the time he had secretly been going to (Y/N) home and watch as her and her family would play outside so happy and loving. how his father would pick you up and spin you around just like he use to do to him when he was a kid. Bobby slowly walked on over to B.i and was about to hold him but stop himself when he realized B.I mother was there. B.I notice and run towards Bobby and hugged him. B.I mother eyes widen. "wh-what are you?" Bobby was shocked. "I'm sorry I hurt you I'm sorry I cause you pain I'm sorry I used you. It okay if you hated me but please don't leave me please forgive me ill be okay of you use me. I'll be your toy just don't let go of me" B.I sobs in bobbys arms. "Hanbin what are you saying" his mother asked him. later on b.i and Bobby were bother suspended from school for a whole week and they will not be able to participate in any senior activities. on the drive back home B.I sat silently. his mother not even looking at him as she continued driving. B.I could feel the intention in the car. he was scared of what might happen next. "who is he?" she breaks the silence "who?" B.I response "that boy Bobby what is he to you?" she ask him "he just a close friend" B.I lies "it looked more then just friend to me" His mother states. "will we're just fucking friend" B.I shouts angrily his mother stop the car and smack him. B.I was surprised from the sudden hit. he turn to look at her as she had tears in her eyes. "I hate hitting you Hanbin but you've changed so much lately what's happening to you" she said. B.I cringed his teeth as he stared at her tears falling from his eyes again as he tried to hold them back "Tell me what's going on, you always use to confined in me why won't you talk to me" she said b.i looked away from her. "WHERE MY BABY BOY!!!" "HE GONE DAMNIT HE FUCKING GONE!!" "TALK TO ME HANBIN PLEASE" She cried out "I'm gay..." "what" the look on her face look pale and surprised "I'm gay mom and Bobby...." "Shut up its not true" she denied "What what do you mean Mothr I am " b.i shouted "my son is not gay he is not a fag!" she howled as she grab on to B.I shirt. "Please accept me" He cried "your not gay damnit my son isn't gay!" she yelled again "But I am" B.I said with a crack in his voice "THEN YOUR NOT MY SON!!!" And just like that B.I left his whole world crumbling down.
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Omg. ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋
@MelissaGarza in a way he still finding out himself
@twistedPuppy aww your too sweet. I won't be going anywhere as long as you keep writing I'll keep reading.😆😆
wow! pretty intense chapter. what I don't get is B.I bisexual because its seems like he is in Love with both of them
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