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Ladies love him Guys wanna be him The Won & Only SIMON DOMINIC!

Jung Ki-Seok March 9th, 1984 Busan,South Korea Co-CEO of AOMG

Discography🎶 I Just Wanna Rhyme Vol.1 April 6,2008 Excellent Adventure April 14,2009 Supremier March 18,2010 Spin Off June 3.2010 Ames Room October 18,2010 SNL League Begins October 7,2011 Won & Only October 21,2015

Did y'all know he was about of Jiggy Fellaz?!? Is it just me or is his favorite thing to say in English is Fuck You??

🔥🔥🔥 This was a funny episode. Simon had some great moments:)

Won & Only is my all time favorite song by him. I think it's cute

One of his many talents is his beautiful voice!! If he had an album with him just singing I would most deff buy it,but I would buy anything he makes.

This was a quick card for my baby.I feel like I couldn't top my last Simon D card I made with him and Heechul lol Don't worry the next BBMG's will be better!:) Stay Tuned!