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BBMG Of The Day馃憫

Ladies love him Guys wanna be him The Won & Only SIMON DOMINIC!

Jung Ki-Seok March 9th, 1984 Busan,South Korea Co-CEO of AOMG

Discography馃幎 I Just Wanna Rhyme Vol.1 April 6,2008 Excellent Adventure April 14,2009 Supremier March 18,2010 Spin Off June 3.2010 Ames Room October 18,2010 SNL League Begins October 7,2011 Won & Only October 21,2015

Did y'all know he was about of Jiggy Fellaz?!? Is it just me or is his favorite thing to say in English is Fuck You??

馃敟馃敟馃敟 This was a funny episode. Simon had some great moments:)

Won & Only is my all time favorite song by him. I think it's cute

One of his many talents is his beautiful voice!! If he had an album with him just singing I would most deff buy it,but I would buy anything he makes.

This was a quick card for my baby.I feel like I couldn't top my last Simon D card I made with him and Heechul lol Don't worry the next BBMG's will be better!:) Stay Tuned!

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omg I love him so much tag me please
a year agoReply
Simon D 馃槏 please add me
a year agoReply
hes older than me so it makes me happy
a year agoReply
Daddy Simon 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
a year agoReply
I'll have to check him out, and I actually am watching the episode with him in it on Running Man! Coincide? I think not!!! XD
a year agoReply