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WARNING: Mature content

- Boram's point of view - As we walk down the hall we prepare ourselves for the possibility of them knowing what just transpired. Granted, we're adults, but it'd still be a little embarrassing. "Don't look blatantly obvious. You're awful at hiding certain things." He gets a little defensive. "Hardly." "I beg to differ. You know you wear every thought on your face. So don't walk in there looking guilty." He grins. "I'm not guilty of anything bad." "Don't look smug either." "You're asking a little too much." I sigh. "Be normal and let me say goodbye. Just be quiet or something." "Now you're asking way too much." I smack his arm. "Don't be so difficult." "You're really aski-" I pinch his cheek. "Stop!" I let go and he rubs his cheek as he speaks, "Fine. You're so mean." "Only when you're a brat." He huffs as we take the last few steps before the living room. As we enter everyone looks at us in nearly perfect unison. Yep, they know. Namjoon smiles in a teasing way. "Glad you two could finally join us." Jimin giggles in an even cuter way than usual. He really comes off as a thirteen year old boy sometimes. "I suppose Hoseok was denied so much tonight that he just couldn't wait." Tae speaks with such a serious face that it's difficult to tell if he's poking fun or legitimately coming up with a hypothesis for the situation. "Perhaps he was sending us a message." He talks under his breath, "Dominance. He's trying to be the alpha." Hoseok didn't hear that but I did. "Tae, mind your elders. He's not sending any message, nor trying to show "dominance". So rest assured that he's not attempting to reign as the alpha here." He stutters, "I didn't...I meant..." He sighs. "Sorry." Hoseok gets a smug grin on his face, the exact one I warned him not to show. "Or maybe I was." I pinch him. "Ow!" I whisper. "I'm not your property." I turn to everyone. "Anyway, I was just coming to say goodbye." As they walk over, I mumble to Hoseok. "Are hugs okay?" He looks down as he kicks at the floor a little. He waves me off. "Yeah. After all, they're your friends now." I walk up to Jin. "It was very nice meeting you. I'm glad we managed to make up and be friends." "So am I. It's a shame I won't have someone to help with cooking, you're the best helper I've had." "Next time we'll cook more than just the once. Deal?" "Definitely." "Mind if I call you sometime to bug you for a recipe or two?" "Not at all." I hug him and he's taken by surprise. He wasn't expecting it, but that's because he was first in line. Everyone else will know what's coming. The hug I receive is warm and caring. Next up is Jimin. "It was nice meeting you. Can you promise me something since I'll be fulfilling our promise?" He gives a sly smile and winks. "What's that?" "Okay two things. Can you try keeping your mind out of the gutter?" The boys snicker a bit. He pouts slightly. "Yeah, fine. What's the other promise?" "Give your dancing your all. I expect some improvement. Got it?" I say this partly serious and partly joking. He chuckles. "Sure thing." I give him a hug. "Don't forget to send me some videos." He gives me a gentle embrace. He's such a sweetheart despite his dirty mind. "Of course." Tae gives me a very interesting smile as I approach him, it's earnest and genuine. "Are you still going to let me call and text you?" "Without a doubt. I need to share anime recommendations back and forth with someone who loves the shonen genre as much as I do." He manages to catch me off guard when he swiftly pulls me into a crushing hug. "Good! Remember to move here as soon as possible!" I barely squeak out the words. "Trust me, I'll be thinking about moving here a lot." He let's go and I catch my breath. "I'm glad I finally got to put a personality to my mysterious pen pal." "Likewise." I walk up to Namjoon, who's smiling naturally. I reach and pinch his cheeks. "God those dimples! Mr. Rap Monster, I simply can't resist them!" I let go and his cheeks are red, and I don't think it's just from me pinching them. He's probably embarrassed that I did that in front of everyone and also referred to him as Mr. Rap Monster. He sighs. "You're such a lunatic." "Say what you will, but you want to know something?" "What?" "It only makes me more creative. Why do you think I have such random tastes in music? Because my mind is just as random." "Scattered." I poke his chest. "I said random." He sneers. "I thought you said everything was organized?" "Okay, you got me there. Let's say I randomly pull out files that are perfectly organized." "Whatever helps you sleep at night." I shake my head. "Just feel free to hit me up to talk about music." He initiates the hug. I can feel his sincerity. "Will do." Jungkook looks like he's absolutely dreading this. "What's wrong?" He shakes his head as he stares at the floor. "Are you afraid of me hugging you?" He shrugs. "Not really." "Well that's good. What is it then?" His voice is soft. "Saying goodbye." This kid really did get attached to me. He's like a real little brother. I lift my arms a little as a gesture for him to hug me, rather than me invading his space. He slowly hugs me and I return his sweet and innocent hug. I pat his head a little as he holds onto me in this lengthy embrace. It's certainly out of character for him to want this much physical contact. "Honey, it's not forever." "Still." "You know that you can certainly call and text me. I'll be a big sister, I'm selfish and want a little brother." He laughs. "Alright." "Besides, I have to make sure you're getting over your fears." He corrects me. "Shyness." "You're extreme shyness." "Yes." Hoseok clears his throat. Jungkook has a tone as he responds to him. "I can hug her. She doesn't belong to you." I laugh a little. "You're like a little brother already, being so protective." "Well, he's being a brat." "He is, but I still have to say goodbye to Yoongi." He let's go and sighs. "You better keep in touch." I can't help but smile like crazy. "I will." Lastly, Yoongi. I feel my eyes burning and a couple tears fall. I think this is the hardest goodbye tonight. "Yoongi. I'm glad we were able to reconcile and be friends. I really value our friendship. Thank you for all you've done." He meekly shakes his head. "I haven't really done anything." "That's not true at all. You comforted me, you opened up to me, and you assured me I had new friends that would be there for me." I see the other boys nod, which only causes more tears to run down my face. He shows smile that's trying to cover his want to cry. "I guess so." I hug him. "I know so." He gives me that comforting hug I'm so used to, however, this time it's got a hint of sadness. He whispers so only I can hear his words, "I'll miss you." I whisper back. "I'll miss you, too. Very much." "I'll kinda miss having someone to share my feelings with." "I'll only be a call away." There's a tightness in his voice. "It's not the same." "Believe me, I know. But will it be enough?" "Of course." We separate and there's a few lone droplets on his cheeks. Just like before, I don't hesitate to hold his face and wipe them away with my thumbs. "It'll be fine." That adorable smile spreads across his lips as he pulls my hands down and holds them for a moment. "I know. Now wipe the tears off your own cheeks." I giggle as I follow his order. "Yes, yes." I face them all and I can sense I have a false look of happiness as I say goodbye. This is torture. "I'm so thankful you welcomed me like you have. I'll absolutely cherish our friendships. I'm very lucky to have met you and been treated as kindly as I have been." Tae throws out a blunt statement, a goodbye wouldn't be complete without one. "You really are part of the family." My voice cracks as I try to refrain from crying. "You're killing me Tae." "It's the truth. We all think so." Jin nods. "You're more than welcome here. Hoseok's found a very good woman and we enjoy having you around." I'm gonna break like a dam bursting. "Please stop." Jimin gets an evil grin. "Not until we're sure you know how much we care about you." Namjoon joins in on the emotional torture. "Guys, I think we can all agree that she needs to move here as soon as possible so she can lift our spirits." They all start nodding in an obviously exaggerated fashion. I start crying, I can't hold it anymore. I'm brushing away tears. This is embarrassing crying like this just from saying goodbye. I know Namjoon was just teasing when he said that, but I really can't wait to do exactly that. They're so stressed and if me coming by once in a while would cheer them up, I'd be doing just that. But I can't move here any sooner than a year. That's not too long. I can make it. Hoseok turns me around and holds me. He mildly scolds those two. "You guys are mean. Why would you want her to cry?" Yoongi speaks his mind, knowing precisely what they were doing. "Because she needs to show some of the emotion she bottles up. And now she's shown us her true self. We finally know Boram." That's not helping at all. I'm going to be a mess soon. Hoseok is patting my head and talking softly. "It's okay. Just take some deep breaths. You're not saying goodbye for forever remember? They're just saying see you later. It's not goodbye." I nod and take some deep breaths. For the first time, Hoseok has calmed me down. He's peaceful and I feel it. He's caught on to how to be comforting. After a few moments my breath is even and I'm able to talk without losing my composure. "I'm okay now. Thank you." He separates us and holds my shoulders as he gives me a shocked expression. "Seriously?" I giggle. "Yes." "I'm so glad." I turn around, but I hold his hand in an effort to keep myself together. He can truly be my rock now. "I think I need to finish this up before I fall to pieces." They nod. I bow. "Goodb-" I catch myself. "I mean, see you later." They bow and repeat my very informal farewell. I wave a little as I turn around and make my way out of the room. As we're walking to the door Hoseok breaks the silence. "Can you stop squeezing my hand so hard. It's going numb." I let go. "I'm sorry!" He grabs my hand again. "It's fine. Just loosen your death grip." "Okay." "Thank you for relying on me." "Thank you for being strong for me." "I'm trying my best." "It's perfect." ... "Hey." I jump a little when he suddenly talks. "What?" He continues facing the TV with his head in my lap as he addresses me gruffly. "What do you mean what?" "Did I do something to bother you?" I've just been sitting here quietly while we watched a movie. He sighs loudly as he reaches for my hand and places it back on his head. "You stopped petting me." I continue petting him again. "You like to lay in people's laps and demand to be pet. You're like a cat." "Don't expect me to purr." "Even more like a cat. You're grumpy and acting entitled." I can hear the pout in his voice. "I am not." "Then purr pleasantly while I pet you." "No." "Please?" "I said no." I take my hand off his head. "Why'd you stop?" "You won't show any appreciation. All I want is some simple purring." "I'm not going to." "Then I'm not going to pet such an ungrateful cat." "I'm not a cat so why would I purr!" "Tae purred for me. He was appreciative." "You're comparing me to him?" "Maybe he needs to show you the proper way for a person to show their thanks." He sighs again. "Fine. Just pet me." I start petting him again and he lets out a tiny purr. "Hoseok, I think you're a bigger cat than that." I keep petting him and he purrs louder. "There you go." He purrs a few more times and then stops. "Now was that so hard?" He's breathing deeply and slowly. How cute, he fell asleep. He is like a cat. His hair is definitely soft like one. He's got long legs too. Not to mention how lean he is. And graceful. He's seriously like a cat. I stop petting him and stretch a little as I yawn. I should call it a night too. Now how do I move a cat this big. I don't want to wake him up, but I'll have to. Luckily he falls asleep almost immediately when he's woken up for just a moment. I nudge him a few times and tell him to wake up, but it doesn't register. Long day for him apparently, because he's out cold. I wonder if he's ticklish when he's asleep. Only one way to find out. I tickle him and find out that indeed, he is definitely ticklish in his sleep. He whines for a few seconds and his eyes open. "Can you please move?" He grumbles and lies down next to me. What an attitude he has, he purposely faced away from me. I turn off the TV and lie down. I scooch close and put my arm around him. It's nice to be the big spoon once in awhile. I think he likes to be cuddled sometimes judging by the cute little sleeping sounds he's making now. It's like he's humming pleasantly. I'm going to miss this.
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